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  • horsefeathers1_99503 horsefeathers1_99503 Dec 10, 2007 10:48 PM Flag

    solar energy is here to stay and grow

    Does not matter what the government does solar is here to stay. The oil companies will not be able to buy out all these companies like they have in the past. Oil is not going to go down. The power structure is going change no matter what our dick head president does and all the oil people who got him elected. And it is about time !!!!!!

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    • From my point of view, it is a very complex situation. Coal, nuclear and petroleum all have advantages.

      Start with the complexities of solar, for example. SPWR silicon cells are more efficient than the flexible competition but they are also more brittle and suceptible to breakage. I went to Ovionics to see what people are talking about and they have a white paper that talks about filtering out three wavelengths of light. Bottom line is that they get 8%. Low cost 8% may be fine for some applications but it is worth paying more to SPWR for triple the efficiency in other situations.

    • The oil companies didn't buy out solar companies, they just lowered the price of oil and drove them out of business. They will do it again.

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