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  • get_imaginary get_imaginary Apr 21, 2011 1:19 PM Flag

    Must be manipulation

    SPWRA is up 3.5% while DIA is only up 0.33% Something's WRONG WITH THIS STOCK!!!

    (just kidding)

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    • Ha ha... didn't I say it was those upward jumps on no news that were the unusual price movements? Great news and congrats to longs!!!

    • Like I said in another post...I think SPWRA would also have been up big yesterday (Wed) if not for Wedbush analyst Christine Hersey coming out and reiterating/maintaining her underperform on SunPower (see below). In other words, saying nothing new but just trying their hardest to illegally manipulate the stock price.

      Christine Hersey (Wedbush), Gordon Johnson (Axiom), and other solar permabears are probably paid off by the Fossil Fuel industry in some way. They never do any analysis and always use the same conclusion...even thought they have been wrong consistently for the last couple of years.

      They should be prosecuted and sent to jail. This type of openly illegal activity is much worst than insider trading...imo.

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      • LOL. Oh come on. Price behaved normally. It declined to support levels then began to reverse back up. That's what stock prices do. That's the most common behavior for any stock that's trending in a channel. Including oil stocks. Chevron was trading for just $80 in late Nov., which was the support level for its channel. Was that a conspiracy too? Go look at a chart if you don't believe me.

        SPWRA has a trend interrupted by a bubble. If you ignore the bubble, you can see that we reached support (bottom of the channel) this week when price dipped to $15. It went down a few more pennies, which I admit gave me a nervous moment, but then reversed to stay in channel. A relief, yes. Abnormal, not in the slightest.

        What's weird is that SPWRA then lept up 5% for no reason at all. If you want to posit conspiracy theories, at least make a plausible case by linking the proposed conspiracy to something unusual :-)

      • I would disagree that it's illegal for an analyst to state an opinion.
        The world is free to act accordingly as they choose.
        You are obviously stating your opinion to the contrary of theirs,,are you acting illegally? I think not, in both cases.
        Everyone has an opinion, it's not illegal to voice that bias,
        at least not in this free land.

    • Yesterday we were a laggard, today we are a leader. Who knows with this stock? I will take it. Still a ways to go to the 50 DMA. Volume is still paltry

24.62-1.03(-4.02%)Feb 5 3:59 PMEST