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  • bucketonickels bucketonickels Apr 12, 2013 4:00 PM Flag

    Nat Gas 4.24

    Do you think that might be a sign that US industry is recovering, And Gold selling off, I'm no rocket scientist but it looks to me like the pieces of the puzzle are coming together for my "Golden Age" scenario.

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    • The central component to sustained recovery is Texas Style horizontal oil extraction.
      It will lead the US to oil independence in 5-10-20yrs depending on who you speak to. The better part
      is that the technique will be spread to the rest of the world, and allow recovery of significant oil from fields that
      have been left for dead. Translation, huge spike in oil supply, and WTI at $50. Lower sustained oil prices world wide will lower the cost of just about every good and service.

      IMO, that is the only way the 4T the FED printed can be unwound without causing a catastrophe.

    • High Nat Gas means solar is more competitive. It has been their chief competitor since coal has become more expensive and far less attractive because of environmental laws and requirements for renewable.s

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