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  • xtraderx xtraderx Aug 2, 2013 5:50 PM Flag

    Hey guys, I am still looking like poisoned. How it was possible to reduce the stock price in hours from 28 plus to 23plus.

    I use deliberately the term 23plus because, they took the stock price deliberately to 23.90 cents because when it starts to drop you will say and think "well, this is at 23 something" but obviously this is not 24.00.
    How it was possible to reduce the stock price in hours from 28 plus to 23plus when the company presented great earnings and great guidance?
    There are companies that present terrible earnings and don’t lose even 5% but this lost yesterday 15%?
    And if FSLR has great results, is this going to lose 15%? And if SCTY has great results but is taken 15% or more down?
    These guys showed us that they are able to do everything.

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    • You look to me like a new comer to the stock market ... the first thing you have to learn here is patients. It run high very fast and WS took the lower guidance for Q3 as a reason for a sell off. They will bring the price down - buy cheap shares and new highs will come again. This all, if the stock is healthy and in SPWR case it is. Take the pull back as an buying opportunity and buy next week after FSLR and SCTY earnings any drop. Those two are not SPWR but will affect the whole sector.

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    • We've been handed an incredible opportunity here, Trader
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    • Xtraderx, are you paying attention? Pull up a chart. On the time frame, pull up the DAILY. Do you see how far we ran in 36 days? Intra day low of 17.36ish all the way to another intra day high around 28.60, I think. On what? Great earnings, somewhat. but the guidance was not there. You are correct, the big boys can very easily drive a price where they want it. No shortage of people like me who react to what they see on the screen. Hold tight and buy the dip if you still believe in the future of SPWR and solar. This is not a conspiracy, SPWR simply did not meet the expectations of some big players. We now will have to wait for another big player to step up to the plate and drive us back up.

    • you can't be serious. You're surprised when a 400%+ run in 6 months was snuffed out by #$%$ off large interests that have the ability to move the needle at will when "they've had enough"......and they showed you they could! Shock and Awe can be severe when you're not prepared. The fundamentals haven't changed for this company. SPWR is just going to move at a slower pace after getting it's ears pinned back but I feel it should be a core position for anyone that wishes to be in this sector.
      I must say that after this last earnings announcement the brain trust of this company doesn't have the least bit of concern for the shareholders of this company. I will continue to hold my shares because they have a superior product and are so well positioned to ignore.....I just don't expect any perks along the way to the next earning release.

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      • (i) I have seen companies reputation and stock destroyed in one single day; you know, there are companies specialized in detecting fraudulent companies or companies with accounting or other problems (sometimes with artificially created problems): e. g., Muddy Waters, Citron, Alfred Little, etc. They are assumed shorts that propagate toxic material supposed to be true and take advantage buying the stock that they lowered in artificial manner. I have seen a lot of overreactions in the positive sense and in the negative sense. This is not the problem for me. I have a lot of companies (e. g. Chinese RTOs) to dop from big highs to terrible lows (cf. one example: SCEI dropped from 9plus to 12 cents) based on article published by Alfred Little.
        You did not understand what I wanted to say and probably you do not see the nuance. SPWR share price was clearly attacked brutally in order to trigger stop losses and took the price to a level where it will take some months to recover but this was planned. In my experience it was the new thing.

        (ii) Read the article from the Fool “The Market Still Doesn't Understand Solar” where is said that people do not understand the lease buisnes model and
        “What investors should really watch are shipments to indicate how SunPower is growing. This will keep the company's plants utilized and will show that adoption of SunPower's products is gaining traction. During the second quarter shipments rose to 277 MW from 173 MW in the first quarter, and management noted that capacity is essentially sold out for the next 18 months.
        No matter what revenue does, the fact that SunPower is selling out its products and will sell about 1.1 GW of solar panels in 2013 is hugely positive for investors.”
        Who the FFF gives the right to the bald clown to take any position on SPWR if he does not understands anything of its business model?

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