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  • chasin_the_money chasin_the_money Sep 12, 2013 9:51 AM Flag

    Those looking for 28 plus in a few weeks, forget about it.

    No real news to draw demand. Fine line between message board speculation and a PR. This is in a trade range until earnings approaches. That is the best case. JMHO

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    • I am happy to hear that from you Chasin, since you are most of the time wrong it will have the best chances to go up !

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Congrats Kgolesorkhi, Xtraderx has your back on this one. You think I put this post up because I plan on bumping this thread if the stock finds itself back at 21? No. I read thread after thread on this board saying "here we go" "30 in two weeks". Is this wise? Is it practical? NO! Ever since our fall from grace, this stock has made a small push back up on several occasions and what happens? Why? I put a similar post up on the last little run and I even seem to remember you acknowledging that I was probably correct. I am not going to sit here and type a 15 paragraph post and explain exactly every thing I am thinking but you need a reality check.

      • Exactly: play the contrary chasin says and you will make money.

    • And how do you know all this? You God?

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      • I know this opinion just like someone knows that this is going to 28 in a couple weeks. If you caught the last part, you will notice the JMHO. This means JUST MY HONEST OPINION. We do not have the volume to support a rapid move up to 28. Go back and look at any fast move up in this stock and you will see 3m 4m 10m and even 15m traded. We are not see this. Markets and the solars were recently running, soon or later you will have profit taking (at least that is what most call it). I am long but I am realistic. I have been expecting this to trade between 20 and 23 until earning s approaches. My opinion is logical, I assure you. Am I always right? Hell no but I have never been accused of being irrational. Good luck, hold tight, this will run again.

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