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  • multis10 multis10 Jan 16, 2013 3:48 PM Flag

    Anyone Care to share other stocks they have or looking to establish a position in

    I found out about LF about 3 weeks ago got into it. I have been reading the board daily and you guys seem to have very good insight. Does anyone care to share any other potential good stocks!

    Long LF! Go Froggy!

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    • Ipg on any pullback. Huge potential!! Symbol ipgp

    • MNTX and EDAC.
      MNTX has a growing light cranes business. It has run up about 35% in the past few weeks. I am waiting for a pullback to buy more.
      EDAC makes components for all the major new aircraft engine programs. It is only 70m market cap but has 300million backlog, had to move to a bigger facility to handle the volume. As the GE NEX and UTX Geared turbofan ramp up production this stock should benefit greatly. I am adding more whenever I can.

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    • My largest holding is HCA. I think it is one of the better ones in the stock universe right now. Be careful until debt ceiling stuff is resolved, or supposedly resolved. Also, I'm not a penny stock kind of guy, but am buying ACTC as a cheap lottery ticket. They are working on an incredible medical breakthrough.....basically curing blindness from macular degeneration. Check it out. Other than that, I'm buying all the physical gold I can afford. Good Luck.

    • multis I would invest in inovio very soon yes its a biotech company but my opinion risk is very little and upside is huge

    • EXP BAC DIS HSY and for dividend EAD..........worth a look, no guarantee but the only ones I don't lose sleep over, did good in VZ but currently out with profit looking for other goodies

    • ZAGG is a good one. Trading in the $7s and highly rated by Zacks. There are some good articles in the news about investing in ZAGG for 2013.

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    • Since the market is closed I've got the time if you want to hear it.
      1. I look for stocks between 5-15 PPS they can give you the most % gains but on the other side the loss may be great too.
      2. PPS has to be at least a 2x bagger or better for a year.
      3. Chart pattern has to be a steady upward slope for 52wks or at least 6mos.
      4. Must have positive earnings or a PE from 1 to 100 (High growth stocks can have high PE's)
      5. Low debt ratio to cash.
      6. This years revenue over 30% higher than last years.
      7. Believe it or not the stock must be rated 3 or above by Zacks. They have more time and tools than I do and most of the time their right.
      8. Trading volume must be over 100k per day
      9. Good Book Value which can reflect the ASSETS vs LIABILITIES on the Balance sheet.

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      • "superbowl6wins:
        9. Good Book Value which can reflect the ASSETS vs LIABILITIES on the Balance sheet.
        Examples: PERI SPF TVL SWCH TASR SNTS"

        SWCH What you mean with that one? did you mean SWSH?

      • Great post, superbowl! Nice strategy to pick your stocks. What is your strategy regarding selling your buys? Do you follow charts and exit when price action seems unfavorable or do you have a holding period or a price target?

      • TASR was a buy at 4 but not now. With a PE of over 100 and a lot of hype because of all the anti-gun hype going on, it's destined to fall fast and hard on any bad news. If you got in at 4-5 I'd consider dumping soon. I like SWHC though, way oversold for the same reason TASR is over bought.

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      • FVE - Under $6 , Senior Living Facilities, similar to SRZ, which was bought out last year.

      • You should take a look at NTE - fits your model great.
        1. Trading at $13
        2. 2 -bagger vs 12 months ago
        3. Check out 6 and 12 months charts, they are great.
        4. Real earnings - multiple 3Q results by 4 and stock is trading at just over 4x if you subtract cash.
        5. No debt, about $3.50 per share of cash. And current dividend yield is 4.6%
        6. 2012 revs will be up about 100% from 2011 and will be up a lot next year.
        7. Not sure zacks opinion.
        8. Trades like 700,000 shares a day with $500 million+ mkt cap.
        9. Good book value.

        Good discussion on NTE board, particularly like Jaretwilson. This is a gem. LF is good, this is great.

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      • Thank you for taking the time to post that superbowl. Gave me a lot to think about and research. Not only stocks you mentioned, but also stocks I'm holding. I'm anxious to see if they pass the test. And the Zacks rating. Some of the criteria is the same. But there are a few differences, for instance my trading volume number was 30k or more (maybe I need to up it) and I look to seeking alpha and ford equity research. I also like to research the CEO, see if the insiders are buying too and see how much of the stock is publicly owned, how long the company has been in business, and what they have accomplished so far.
        VZ SWHC GE CVTI WAG KRFT and breaking every rule...DARA

    • I too invested in LF just a few weeks ago. I bought 3 call options at 7.50 for about $500. Now they're about $800 (~60% gain in just 3 weeks). As for tips, I like Nokia (NOK). I bought in December and already am up ~40%. The stock is in the $4 range and demand for their new phone is starting to take off. Of course it's risky but NOK is huge and has a lot of cash and assets. I think it could go to $8 in the next several months.

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    • I am waiting for an entry point for AMD. Not yet.

      I believe they will be bought this year. My guess is Samsung. Primarily for their NVIDIA assets.

      They are dirt cheap considering their extraordinary patent portfolio.

      However, bankruptcy is a possibility (I really can't imagine that happening but the risk of it means this stock may see the $1s before anyone steps in.)

      I will jump in if it reaches the mid to low 1s. But watch it closely because it is a high risk move.

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    • My top 3 convictions picks for mid to long term are BCEI, TEX and LF. F is a distant 4th. None are any where near my target price.

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