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  • usenatgas usenatgas Feb 8, 2013 11:22 AM Flag

    This GREAT Stock has a PE of only 7

    Great Sales
    Great Profit
    Great new Products
    New entrence into Global Market..... etc.
    What the hell ELSE do they have to do to receive a proper price from Wall Street?

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Its amazing that anyone calculates value by a P/E ratio. In doing so, one completely eliminates any balance sheet consideration. IMO, its the MMs that use this to confuse joe blow retail.

      Market Cap: $593m
      Price: $8.60
      TSE: $310m

      Market Cap - TSE = $280m

      Annual profits $100m

      Under this price model LF will have today's market cap in balance sheet in less than 3yrs.

      That is one heckova deal.

    • back out the one-time tax benefit in Q4 and the p.e. is 9.6 using a stock price of $9.00 and 2012 EPS of $0.94. So please don't tout a 7 p.e. Plus stocks trade on future prospects not results from the rear-view mirror...though in this case prior year results should be indicative of a company that is well-managed and knows how to address its market...admittedly a 10 p.e. seems a bit low given p.e.'s for HAS and MAT and LF's higher demonstrated growth rate and potential for ongoing sales growth with new products...even with added competition.

    • As soon as a six year old sends a tweet to Cramer from his LeapFrog, the stock will jump.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • If you can get the price down to $2.50 then we can write up the loan using LF's own cash as most of the collateral.

        This whole event of treating a great stock like a #$%$ stock is annoying.
        The positive side is that it allows for the accumulation of more shares at these low levels (though I'm beginning to question how much more is sane for my portfolio).
        The tremendous volume in the 8's has to be creating strong floor for the future.

        There will be a sell off before Q1 2013 just like Q1 2012 as investors fear a repeat of the Q4 sell off. They will forget that the hardware sold and activated in Q4 needs software purchased in Q1 2013.

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