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  • peter.hausch Feb 12, 2013 2:03 PM Flag

    Share buy backs? Any thoughts?

    I was busy this morning and will listen to the conference later tonight, but I seen a previous post that they mentioned a buy back possible. Anyone else hear this? Sounds like they want to take control of the short situation that's always holding them back....obviously it depends on market value, but what price do you think they buy back?

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    • I would rather see the money re-invested into the company or acquisition. If there is an acquisition, I hope it is technology or multimedia related which supports their vision of being educational entertainment. Let's buy a publisher who can drive ebook/character content.

      However, if the money is just going to sit there I would rather see a dividend than a buy back.

    • On the most recent CC, they mentioned they were not considering a buy back for now and only acquisitions. However on today's investor presentation they mentioned a share buyback or acquisition. It gave the shares a small boost during the investor presentation.

      They really need to consider the buyback. Instead of using cash for the acquisition they could instead be using shares.

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      • share buybacks are great for short term buybacks, but at the expense of possible R&D. Companies that spend their money on further innovation will generally reward investors in the long run better than those that buy back shares for the purpose of boosting the share price. I do agree that the short problem is frustrating and a buyback would definitely cause some covering, but in the long run, this company will do great things if they spend their money wisely. Acquisitions = strengthening supply chain = cut costs = increase bottom line.

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    • They have some cash. Some ideas they are kicking around. One of their ideas was a share buyback.

      No indication that is the direction they are heading, though it should make being short less attractive.

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