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  • Mattel misses we go down, Mattel beats we go...down. Obviously. So sick of this.

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    • I really cannot figure out #$%$ is up with this's like the chicago cubs...can't win

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      • it's like the chicago cubs...can't win

        Now that is funny, poor cubs and everybody knows it, they even use it in the movies! Things could be worst, the Pittsburgh Pirates have the record for 20 years of sub 500 seasons. They have the worst mgmt in baseball in a city many think has the best mgmt in Football and the most superbowl wins (6).
        I have a "cord" number of shares in LF which I will increase in the Fall when I think the "action" will start . For the time being I need to put money to work in stocks that are not as seasonal. I will increase my LF shares next week for a possible run-up into earnings (low risk), but may sell those before the earnings release or soon after, still holding the "core" shares.
        If the first quarter is not a lost, as many think it will be, we should see a good pop! That will be the first time Q1 was not in the red. "Shorts" lose when the up volume is so great they lose control and HAVE TO cover to limit their loss. Need alot of up volume. Good Luck!

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