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  • magalomania123 magalomania123 May 21, 2013 7:12 PM Flag

    Feedback from the webcast?

    Couldn't catch it but wondering what Arthur had to say and how he sounded...

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    • I was having issues on my computer with the presentation, so I missed the first few minutes, then it said it ended as he was asking the first question of the Q&A. With that said here are the highlights from my view...

      Last year Revenue was $425 million from U.S. (growing 11%/year over last few years), $156 million from international (29% growth/year over the last few years; 26% last year).

      Operating margin was 11% last year, expect 11% this year. They expect to get it to 15% over the next few years (that would be HUGE IMHO).

      Normalized (not counting tax benefits) EPS has risen from -$0.10 to $0.06 to $0.18 to $0.56 over the last 4 years. (seems to me that to expect only $0.57- $0.61, as they have guided , is extremely conservative, i.e. sandbagging hard).

      Sales growth in Q1 was 15% (11% in U.S., 26% international).

      New product line of tablets will be introduced in June (made a coment that they like to introduce them late in the year because the competitors products have previously looked an awful lot like theirs; i.e., they are copying our product)

      Just entered the France market with a French leap pad.

      Regarding question on Spanish Leap pad stated "we'll get there" (it was obvious that they are working on this).

      Long and strong. $10.07/share is still giving your shares away on the cheap IMHO. Call me crazy, but I still think a reasonable valuation on these shares will be more like $20/share towards the end of 2013. I am expecting at least $0.80 normalized EPS this year though. Time will tell.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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