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  • usenatgas usenatgas Jun 26, 2013 1:38 PM Flag

    LF is a perfect example why individuals do not invest in Equities as much as they have in past.

    The price action today is STUPID and almost Criminal! The fundamentals of this Company (and their past year's results) are EXCELLENT yet the stock has gone lost 7% off it's opening high ALL IN THE FACE OF A TRIPLE DIGIT RISING MARKET!
    I'm out of this stock next time its above $10 because I'm fed up with looking at the manipulation.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • hmmm...did you sell today/

    • Wow I understand the frustration. I do not believe that LF will be as disruptive as NFLX BUT people had same issues at $11 and 211 later they stuck to there vision and look now.
      LF I don't believe will be anywhere close to that type of explosion but eventually the market will catch on. You are right on the fundamentals which should give confidence to stay put. Happy hunting

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Thank you to all responders. My post was written out of extreme frustration at how the trading exchanges & rules have changed. Years ago, I would study a Company's past performance, their products and potential future performance and then make a plan to invest (or not.)
        I've been in this stock (and several others) for a couple of years and have watched their stock price move dramatically in directions that was counter to the information/results and overall Market direction on a "daily" basis!
        Let's be realistic here, LF is a $14 stock based on almost any metric used to evaluate the business, yet it's behaving like it's a "startup in the drug business." The manuplation of the price is outrageous and it honestly takes all the joy (and rewards) out of being a small time Equity Buyer.
        I'm appraching the age of 60 and I'm finding this Country has changed in may ways and not for the better. The Stock Market is just one small example that good work habit and ethics are no longer rewarded. I should cash in, sit back, and let my GIANT Mommy & Daddy Government take care of all my needs.

    • Additionally, I should add you can move your shares to "cash only" account so they can be loaned out on margin to short sellers. IF all small investors did this, we'd have much higher gains, and probably higher volatility and spreads (bw bid and ask).

    • It's not a strong sell. There was a HOLD rating put on it ... HOLD for what? Christimas?! Just Gross indeed. But Short Sellers are guaranteed buyers, just as when you buy ... you are a guaranteed seller. It all comes around. If they keep pulling these numbers, shorts will be sad one day too.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • natgas - LF is a good example of how much short-term internet day-trading has taken hold of investors who only want to buy on Monday if they can sell on Tuesday. In the past, it was much tougher trading. You called a broker, commissions were higher ... now it's cheap and easy and people trade all the time ... TOO MUCH of the time ... I know because I'm guilty of it myself. The biggest gains I've had have been from holdings I've kept 3 or 4 years. Today that's considered an eternity.

      Buy and Hold LF for future gains - and try to ignore the noise (mine included!),

      Sentiment: Buy

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      • Those are good points Joe. Unfortunately the market has taught us expensive lessons about buying and holding. Although for most people it's really a good idea because the noise is too much for some folks and it scares them just before the clouds clear....look at ACAD yesterday and then today. What a difference. Realistically, now can a company be worth 7% more at the beginning of the day then at the end with no supporting news, etc. But that's what the market is all about today. It's about profits and losses, no longer about the company you are buying.

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