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  • superbowl6wins superbowl6wins Jul 10, 2013 12:54 PM Flag

    Anybody else own neon ?

    I had a post june 29 if neon was worth buying because of an Alpha article on their connection with LEAPFROG. Well it looks like their days are numbered, up in volume 6x and 25% in pps in a half of day of trading today. I think a big fish or maybe a FROG has swallowed them. Looking for news after the bell or trading halt afterhours. Wild day and I think it's going to get worst at the close.

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    • cane5 Jul 10, 2013 3:25 PM Flag

      I have owned Neon for over a year ..It did this shortly after I bought it. They actually have the patent and won in European courts to the 'Slide to unlock'. That speculation has fueled fires before. They are a small European company with some other very nice patents for Touchscreen etc. Patience is a big thing with this stock..many who are long see big things as they have recently moved into the Auto and home appliance area.

    • I bought a few shares Today (at $7.48/share). Should have bought the other day at $5.85. At least I'm honest. I hated to chase, but as I said a few days ago, this has some serious potential. I didn't buy much. But watching to see if the shorts take it down and would love more shares if they do.

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      • Should have bought the other day at $5.85.

        Don't beat yourselve up the numbers weren't that great at the time and I agree with Joe to wait untill they had positive earnings but my gut told me to buy base on the super estimated growth rates and the field they are in in addition to all the hiring being done on their web site and the design wins they posted for May and June.Bottom line I think the downside risk is very low.

    • If you are trying to insuate that LF would buy them, that would make no sense.

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      • If you are trying to insuate that LF would buy them, that would make no sense.

        No I wasn't, just a poke at some humor. Then I began thinking about it. Patents on touch screens which will have huge growth and it's a product that they need.
        They laughed at Ford, a car builder, when he bought a Steel Mill.
        If it's used to make your product why not think outside the box?
        No I don't think it would happen but I could see why if it did happen.

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