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  • sonofarailman sonofarailman Sep 3, 2013 12:02 PM Flag

    This Stock Is Like TRSX

    This stock will be like TSRX, a company stock that I have that gets bought out by a larger company for large profit for investors who have faith in the product(s) being developed or being sold. I think that LF will be enormously successful at Xmas and then be bought next year by mattel or hasbro for $13 to $17 per share. A glitch in one of their many fine products doesn't mean much to me. I'm in. LF is on a one-day-sale. Ca-Ching!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • LEAPFROG WILL NEVER BE BOUGHT OUT IN THE NEXT 5 YEARS! I am sooooo tired of the daily speculative posting about some almighty buy's not happening...they have said so. They are not interested in selling the company

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      • While I still consider a takeover is quite possible given the company's attractive products and cheap stock, the fact that they said they are not interested in selling, it means they are confident in the company's future. Either way, I think both are positive signs.

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      • They are not interested in selling the company

        It's not their choice ! Insiders and 5% owners own 15% of the shares. Milken owns 1,301,789 shares. In an hostile takeover a company goes directly to the common shareholders with a offer price. The company being taken does not have to show its books to the hostile company and usually will seek a "white knight" company to deal with that is more friendly with mgmt. either way the company is sold. Takeovers can be triggered by a company with cash on hand, low or no debt, a PPS that is undervalued, good profits and products, in short everything that LF has. If LF sets up a poison pill you will know they are worried. If they try to boost the share price, they are worried. They they spend the cash on hand, they are worried. Has of now, they are not worried or at least not showing it. I'am not saying a takeover would be a "good thing", only that it could happen.

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