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  • behindthestadium behindthestadium May 31, 2013 11:31 AM Flag

    anyone know why PDT has droppd a buck in the last few days?


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    • Utility heavy, utilities fall when bond prices rise. Preferred stocks also playing a part as changes in new issues make them a bit less attractive. Leveraged so as interest rates rise, cost of leverage rises as well. All said, PDT is a good choice, when you can buy it at the right price. We are currently in the zone of a great price to add or establish a position. Discount is approaching 10% to NAV. Doesn't get much better than this.

    • I will add this the price has fallen farther and faster then the NAV so there could be a short term bounce if the discount to NAV gets too large.

    • I think they are reacting to the idea that bond yields are rising and going to keep rising. These funds are work much like bonds. The higher the yield the lower the price.

      Glad I got in this one in 2008 at a much lower price.

      But this recent drop has been larger then years worth of divy. I for one plan on keeping my finger on the trigger.

    • The dow is rising and many of the good funds are dropping; amongst these are the Hancock funds(some are HPI, HPF, HPS, PDT), GHI, AWF,DNP,BWG, HAV,IID, AWF,EAD, FCO, FTF, ACP, PCM, EHI). With these rates now being returned and the dow stocks rising, it looks like you will see a positive correction in the near future that may be the largest one day rise ever for funds. (rising prices have an inverse relationship with annual yields).

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