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  • cursed14sure cursed14sure May 13, 2011 4:16 PM Flag

    A Seasoned HCEI Shareholder

    I have held my shares of HCEI for over a year. Before I bought this stock I tried the product. Which I might add...Is actually very good tasting. When I bought, they were releasing news at least once or twice a month. I also liked that. At least they were on the investors radar. Then for the last 9 months there has been nothing. And, still nothing. I would be very cautious about this one. I don't know what is going on with the run up. But, I'm thankful for it... Anyway, it just doesn't feel right to me. Good Luck to the new investors!

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    • Are you still in it? Or have you sold? I sold off half and now have free shares. Nothing beats free!

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      • To the first question...My first shares were $.07. I averaged down to $ .02. But, I struggled even more when it went sub penny. I really wanted to add but feared it was just throwing my money away. Like I said NOTHING for over 9 months. Not even releasing any financials.
        To answer the second question, Don...I think I'll wait for bass opener. Maybe the weather will be nicer then. I'm getting cold just looking out my window!
        And to the last question...I put a sell order in last night before I went to bed @ $.131. I tossed and turned last night and thought maybe in the morning I would change my sell order and only sell enough to have free shares myself. Then see what happens. Well, I was distracted by the hubby this morning and didn't get to changing my order until it was too late to. So, I am HCEI.PK shareless. But, with a smile!
        Good Luck to you all!

      • I know I got out today @ $.18 - .24, rode it from $.04

        Hope you make more Monday! The risk gets larger as the number gets higher without concrete news for me. If they drop the thing it is virtually impossible to get out at a decent #.

        Look at LTUM, I was in that one, rode it to $1.90, they dropped it in a hurry and I was finally able to get out @ $1.36

        Good luck and I hope they take it back to a buck for you!

    • Agreed, still haven't seen news on it. They left us for dead 9 months ago. I hope they continue to run it, but something is still odd here. Still, A LOT of strength going into the close today. Probably can make it back to the $.36 level or so Monday I would guess.

      Shouldn't you be on the lake scouting out your Walleye spot?

    • May I ask how much did you pay for it by then? thanks in advance. GL to you.