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  • gothotstocks gothotstocks Mar 2, 2005 4:53 PM Flag

    Anyone got

    It is quite obvious that you got caught with your lie. I can plainly see that the time stamped on your post fits in perfectly with the rest of those here in the US. I have traveled abroad and it will post a different time and that is a well known fact. Instead of making your lie a bigger one you should have just kept quite. You have no credibility here.

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    • I feel quite sorry for anyone that would show their ignorance in public like that.

      Think about this...if I am posting in a country that is hours behind the US timezones, then I must be able to answer posts before they are written.

      If you write a post at 10am then I should be able to answer you at 8am...

      but of course I cant do that because all posts are timestamped by the US server, thats why they appear in order

      As the US is 12 hours behind where I am, you should have 12 hours to think of an answer and put that answer on the board and have it appear before my post (its 8am 3/3 - so we need to see your post appear before this one - lets say 7:59am 3/3

      when you can do that, you will have at least two believers on your theory...right Christine......

    • Not only does it sound like him, but he even immediately double-recommended his own post here a couple of minutes ago. Only blackie & fwopper play that immediate double-recommend game for their own postings.

      Sooooooooo transparent. ...and pathetic.

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