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  • bi514980 bi514980 Oct 15, 2008 5:16 PM Flag

    IOC Price and Truth

    It has been entertaining to say the least the amount of BS and Lies which have been spouted by the longs regarding IOC.It also amazes me that Ken and STP and others have the gall and audacity to try and coninue to put spin on IOC. It is pitiful actually and more of a crime that anything Tonka or Snake had to say. If you listened to them, you would have made a lot more money than you ever wuill listening to the Long clowns.

    I remeber clearly back in June, July whenever, even in 2007 how IOC was going to explode based on Third Party, Startegic Partner, Oil and obscene amounts of NG as well as a short squeeze from hell. Now the stock price has gone from 40 to 11, the conference was a sham, levels now are mysteriously 3-11 TS versus 8-12, and these bozos just dismiss it and keep on ranting and raving.This is like the movie Groundhog day. You longs will be mired in the same bad dream day after day. I guess you can turn to these clowns for entertainment.
    I wish all the best.Not mean spirited and wanting to see any of my fellow investors lose money.Just wanting to remind you that Ken, STP and the long pumpers have an agenda. And they call others liars and criminals.

    Wayne Andrews for President in 2008!!

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    • Stp was so right back in 2008, it's not rocket science,,,,,,

      Stp so smart,,,,,

    • Let's hope we can break the Groundhog Day cycle. Soon.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Funny this, it really isn't rocket science:

      June, July InterOil wasn't finished drilling and testing. Simple as that. They were only done end of Aug or beginning of Sept.

      Yes, even I expected it to go faster, but alas, there was a drilling mishap, losing the packer, they have to wait for every DST test for a crew with equipment to fly in, etc...

      First you drill, then you test, then you analyze, then you give all the data to third party and they analyse and then you negotiate.

      These two latter processes are now going on as we speak.

      Anything more of a crime than Tonka had to say? Posting fake earnings restatements, and all the other stuff, perhaps I should get a list (by no means complete) out again?

      The only thing you can accuse me off is having been optimistic on the time frames. Indeed. Guilty. I cannot predict when drilling ends, in fact, nobody can.

      But it is happening, make no mistake.

      The resource estimates can differ by what is meant. P1, P2, P3.., and new estimates can appear when they analyse data. You have no clue how much data is involved.

      And did I say in that a third party report was coming in 2007?? Really?
      Ken wasn't even writing here in 2007..

    • Well, the price action in IOC has nothing to do with IOC unless you've been living in a vacuum (let inside your vacuum). The entire energy space, in particular the small cap space, has been pulverized as there was too much money chasing these names and the margin clerks have come calling. Hey, forget the small caps, look at OXY or XTO for that matter!
      The recent news in IOC would have propelled the stock to $50 2-3 weeks ago before the disastrous market spiral.
      Unfortunately, in this environment even the good news (such as the Antelope spuding) will not affect the stock; there is no money looking for ideas or looking to get long right now. At the moment, funds are liquidating; we are in crash mode-several mini crashes not just one (pictue a NASCAR crash).
      So yes, if you're long you're frustrated and losing money ,and if you're short you got pretty friggin lucky with mister market.
      i can't tell you what happens with this stock because it will continue to go down with this aweful tape, and could ultimately be permanently damaged, but I have learned over the years that fundamentals ultimately take over in the end.

    • GREAT post and right on the $$$$$. Still holding IOC but I am NOT smoking what these other clowns (ken and stpioc) are.

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