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  • doublebagger448 doublebagger448 Aug 17, 2011 1:34 PM Flag

    IOC Trading Today

    Both large IOC buyers still active today. Seem to be using vwap buy algo again. I have never seen a better stock set-up.

    IOC will be moving much much higher.

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    • Thanks trans. It sounds like you are expecting to see that some shorts have covered. Hopefully that will be reflected in the 8/15 report. Appreciate your insight.

    • Lots, we'll know a bit more by tomorrow am based on the 8/15 a/o short interest report. Also, When the bigs accumulate, they focus entirely on how cheap they can accumulate the stock. After they get their position, then they give it a nudge higher. I believe they're quite happy to be accumulating right here below 60, or somewhat above. After all, its a nice discount from $75. I also suspect the stock is being accumulated as well as shorts covered. If short interest starts down noticeably, then that's a strong sign for higher not far ahead. I also suspect they're aware of the news timelines, a reason they're controlling the stock here mostly. I'm wondering if court challenge to new acting PM may be holding up some news. That's mid Sep I believe. I do expect a very good September for IOC stock, imo

    • trans is it your interpretation that they are looking to push us signifigantly lower? How do you see the technical picture now as well?

      thank you

    • just very hard to believe the action. Never seen anything like it in a successful companys stock. maybe its that simple. Complete manipulation evey dayby the MM. Most likely illegal in conjunction with shorts. Who knows. either way its an insult to a shareholder.

    • <<Why hasn't the market? I think the question is if there is a massive disconnect as Phil said. Why is that?>>

      Sounds like you are complaining that Mr. Market has provided you with such a wonderful opportunity. Do your due diligence, then invest if appropriate. Good luck.


      P.S. If you find something better, please let me know. ;-)

    • ["Why hasn't the market? I think the question is if there is a massive disconnect as Phil said. Why is that?"]

      This is a question you yourself already answered:
      ["The trading in this stock is unbelievable. Its a complete joke. Its a gaming room for the shorts and their MM buddies."]

      So it begs another question.

      Why ask it again?

      I have a feeling I know the answer already.. :)

    • I've never had an airport to date show me the money either.

      Maybe we should change the name of IOC to IOU Inc.

      "We promise alot but often don't deliver and when we do deliver it isn't much or just an IOU for a future delivery at a time and date to be determined by us"

    • Why hasn't the market? I think the question is if there is a massive disconnect as Phil said. Why is that?

    • I would even go further. When they execute the business plan as it stands, Phil and Aldorf will become instant legends in the industry.

      And deservedly so.

      As my limited understanding of the US allows me, I thought this was like living the American dream..

      Build an empire from scratch, do it in a highly unconventional way and against many odds and nay-sayers, and in the process lift many people and perhaps even a whole nation out of poverty (or at least giving it a chance).

      It doesn't get any better than that. We're not there yet, but we're close..

    • Aiports dont lie. Phil doesnt lie. Airports are never wrong. Phil is not so infallible. Airports dont open their mouths. Phils not so smart as airport.

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