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  • iluvioc iluvioc Dec 16, 2011 9:30 AM Flag

    You wonder why?

    Multi billion $$ deals. Multiple partners located all over the world,Major banks, major energy companies, lawyers out the gadzoo, politicians jockeying for position, Govt crisis, DELAYS?? My god!!! Who would of thunk!!! And you wonder why some who are very much invested in IOC simply want to go somewhere where the kids won't come screaming into the room when it thunders and lightning. Listen longs, if you stick around you will all make a fortune.Sorry, many of us have been here since the beginning. We kinda get it.Doesn't make me any smarter than anyone else but I/we have seen this action since forever. Your almost there.

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    • CommanderCricket: This message board is becoming CommanderCricket 24/7.(who also seldom right but never in doubt)

    • "The ones who lose in the markets 90% of the time are those who believe "IOC going to $100 and you are going to miss out" gang."

      Agree, along with those who have 75-100% of their money invested in IOC, and they need it currently to live off of. Either retired or not. Seems there are some of both left here and they want to blame others for their agony instead of looking in the mirror.

      I have a very low cost core holding, am approx 50% invested (of the funds I allocate to IOC), and will wait for a clear signal before I get in any more. Too much risk here; anyone that has money they cannot afford to lose in this stock right now is very very foolish I think.

    • Hedge,

      That's great and I know it works. Sorry, I didn't mean to single you out for a rant.

      My problem is when someone starts spouting off about how option trading is gambling. I trade professionally for living, make good money and my brokers love the commissions and position flow.

      The ones who lose in the markets 90% of the time are those who believe "IOC going to $100 and you are going to miss out" gang.

      Free money lying on the side walk is an illusion.

    • Gee, yes CC I really do understand stocks and the markets. I really do; promise. And like many, many I hold (get ready for this) a "core" holding in the many stocks I invest in. I then trade when I see momentum moves of those stocks. Up OR down. Not real rocket science. And yes, I have made money on IOC over the LT, and increased the number of shares along the way. Unlike some poor souls here who self-admit that they have their entire retirement in IOC, at a time that they are living off of it for retirement. What do you think of THAT strategy CC? I don't see you asking them if they understand markets, etc.

      As to your last statement, "There are many here that have no business investing in stocks." I couldn't agree more. I guess that has to be restated as, "There are many LEFT here that have no business investing in stocks." Not many of us left here. And those to whom you refer can't even use the word "invest". Should use the word "gamble".

      You sound like you have a very good handle on what you are doing here. I would say; most left here do not.

    • That's you, not me. I find it very interesting/satisfying watching something that I was involved with at the beginning grow.Not many investors have had that opportunity . BTW I have an unbelievable life.

    • hedge,

      Do you understand the financial markets at all? Do you even understand stock is meant to be sold on the street? Don't you get it? You think you can step in and double your money on stock ahead of the street?

      Do you?

      Maybe but in the end, it's us monthly writers who making the money. You are the who is gambling, not me. Exception are the folks who bought at $3.

      Holding a synthetic position is NO different than holding shares. The only difference is I get paid for providing downside insurance to those willing to pay and waiting.

      What have you made this year holding IOC?

      When the shares start heading higher, I'll still be here selling insurance and might sell a few in the money puts to accumulate shares.

      There are many here that have no business investing in stocks.

    • And there you have it. This Motley crew is very ST minded. Only care about monthly swings and only care about what management "promises" from the stanpoint of how it affects their gambling habit. Iluvioc- they can't get their heads around LT "investing" and things like business models and the evolution of an industry.

      LT to these people? "Let me see, I need to decide on what I'm wearing to work today."

    • Iluv,
      As you know, you are dealing with the 'Occupy' mentality types. They are envious of your success, bitter and victimized by their own bad timing. Blame everyone else! Funny thing is if they would just STFU and let this play out they too will be 1%ers like you.
      I congrat you on you ability to tolerate risk and the ballz to load up on IOC many years ago.

    • Then why are you here wasting time on the Yahoo MB? Why? Get a life, go sailing or sailing.


      I'm here because I have to pay attention to the option cycle but if I was sitting a $3 share stock, I would be long, long gone from this racket.

    • My average buy in is under $3.00, thank you very much. I'm not a trading house, not a margin or options player in this stock, that would be above my pay grade.

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