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  • pickboone pickboone Jan 11, 2013 6:56 AM Flag

    Total wants what IOC has

    There's a very important article posted on Shareholdersunite about Total's decision to halt new US dry shale gas investments, which contemplate a gas price of $6 per btu. The article goes on to state, "Much of the industry is cutting back on dry gas activity in the US and shifting capital to areas offering more valuable liquids-rich gas output, as North American markets remain oversupplied, partly because of the shale gas production revolution."

    Total has already made a move into PNG's Gulf area through its deal with OSH. Don't you think it wants a stake in the 15 - 30 tcf condensate-rich gas fields that IOC has discovered, especially if it could pay $2 per mcf for the gas in the ground and still generate strong returns if Asian LNG prices are cut in half? It's the opposite value proposition being offered by US shale gas right now.

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    • Humor: Total Cutting Shale Investments and Shale Investment Drying Up in USA!!!

      Not according to the Anit-Shalists of New York State!!! They are coming Brothers and Sisters!!! Environmental Catastophe!!! End of the World!!! Mayan Calendar is True!!! First Drill Bit Will Be The End of Life as We Know It For The World!!! Right Here In New York!!!

      Xtrillion Ts of NG in NY!!!! All Oil Co. are Pirates with leaking dioxides and poisonous fumes!!! Will drill in areas even with no shale so laws are even passed there for no drilling!!!!

      Will Pump Noxious Juices Straight into Municipal Water Systems Holding Tanks and Resevoris!!!
      Will Slip Money into Water System Operators to Look the Other Way!!!

      Same people are looking into banning air flowing into New York State from other areas.

      They are called Anti-Windists of New York State. You see in order to do that you have to be full of shizit. Getit?

      The Zimm...

      The Jokester...

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    • Pick,

      Again, nice story you spin.

      The unanimously positive reactions ("Thumbs Up") to your articles should give anyone a serious headache from a trading standpoint.

      When unanimity is reached in either direction, positive or negative, such a consensus is almost always suspect.

      Raiseyou33 presents the rational case: Enough stories and pumping. SHOW SHAREHOLDERS THE MONEY FROM AN ACTUAL DEAL.


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    • I am sure that there are many companies that would want a stake in the project but there has been no indication that they are even interested at this point.

      I would like to know what the company's timeline is for considering bids and making a decision.

      No more discussions about possible interest.
      No more discussions about discussions.
      These are the bids, these are the bidders, this is the decision.

      Dare to dream.


    • Dec 11:

      "Total SA (FP), the French energy company selling assets in France and Nigeria, will use the proceeds to pay dividends and develop oil and gas ventures as it rules out acquisitions.

      “No more acquisitions, we have plenty of reserves to develop,” Chief Executive Officer Christophe de Margerie said today at a press conference in Paris. “We are full of resources for the long term.”

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    • Your diligence in making these daily posts is appreciated so much!

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    • We agree with you.

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    • From the twitter page of Karl Loomes (Market Analyst at SunGard's Astec Analytics - Securities Lending Market Data Specialist. Opinions are my own and are not representative of the company. London):

      22 hours ago:
      "#Zacks #downgrade of #InterOil $IOC bringing about increased interest to short; traders paying 40% more to borrow its #shares today"

      Wow! The short squeeze is coming. The stock was up yesterday despite the increased shorting activity he's referring to from the Zacks downgrade.

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    • Hasn't Total also acquired many licenses all around IOC's holdings? They may be later to the game in PNG than some, but they are also hungry for long term profitably positioned reserves.

    • That's what I'm talking about!!

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