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  • kencooksam kencooksam Jan 18, 2013 11:07 AM Flag

    Shorts want to borrow my shares at 5%. Heck NO I said heres why!!

    The shorts are clearly trapped and what on earth will they do when not if we get news and it will soon. Cause its time. Lets recap what we know. The shorts are trying to borrow more shares. We got the call to loan shares and they were willing to pay 5% for our shares and we said heck NO!!. We asked why would the shorts want more shares causeit was stated they needed to put a lid on the price. So when IOC anounces a deal with a Super major and they will cause of the size of the asset and the dollars to monetize what happens to the stock price. I can tell ya 100% what happens. IOC will Gap up $50-100 a share for sure on the news . The shorts will get a margin call call since you short in a margin account. They can buy 3 days time only. Then they have to deposit more collateral or the margin clerk starts selling shares. As the selling continues it feeds on itself. As more and more shares are required to be sold as the stock rises. This is how VW rose as high as it did during their short squeeze.. The margin clerks take control of your account and they sell and sell and sell. As IOC rises and rises and rises. I do not know when nor how much or who but I know as of Nov 15th that we have 2 Super Major bidders and I know the PNG govt is so in to IOC and its project. We can conclude the BOD of those SM's are being consulted and IOC will announce a deal shortly.The weak IOC shareholders are washed out on the drop to $51 and the margin clerks took away a few shares on that drop. The sword cuts both ways and the shorts will be in major pain when the deal is announced. Shorting more is all the shorts can do and pray they can knock IOC down with Eric and Bonkie crapola. Taint gonna work this time . Yes one can bet on this outcome. In the money calls in March best risk/reward is my take.Do your own DD

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