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  • edsilverstreak edsilverstreak Jan 24, 2013 1:09 PM Flag

    Pavel speaks

    Good news as expected and thinks market is setting up for a short squeeze. Also thinks that since management has imposed a deadline that they feel very comfortable that they have or will have very desireable bids.

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    • davidyab Jan 24, 2013 2:17 PM Flag

      I'm sure the bids are already in.... just a formality to set a deadline at this point.

      Right on!!

    • davidyab Jan 24, 2013 2:16 PM Flag

      Hi Fives Ed!!!!!!!!

    • Ed, note that the real quote is "it signifies that management is comfortable with what’s already on the table." NOT "they feel very comfortable that they have or will have VERY DESIRABLE BIDS". Not trying to rain on anyone's parade, but you may want to be careful about accuracy, or people are going to agree with Erics portrayal of you as a pumper. Personally, I just think you get a little over-exited at times, but remember it is always better to create expectations that can be surpassed. That is what I believe helps stock price in the end. At least it consistently worked for Steve Jobs at Apple.

    • lol
      I picture you having brontosaurus-thick-skin and a tyranosaurus-thick-skull
      That is, If I took you seriously, which i don't.

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    • Pavel's words:

      Decision Time: LNG Partnership Talks to Conclude Within Five Weeks
      ♦ In our InterOil brief on December 4, we underscored that year-end did not represent a
      deadline of any kind for the long-awaited LNG project partnership / resource selldown
      announcement. In fact, after getting burned several times in the past by setting (and then
      missing) self-imposed deadlines for business development milestones, this time around
      InterOil itself has stayed away from promising any specific timeframe for getting a deal
      done. But that changed today, as the company publicly disclosed a precise timetable for
      wrapping up the partnership talks.
      ♦ February 28 – exactly five weeks from today – is the date on which the final binding bids
      are due from all the prospective partners. Let’s make it clear what this means. Late last
      year, management stated that bids have been received from at least four interested
      parties: two major oil companies, one national oil company, and one utility (Kogas, based
      on its own public comments). Those bids are preliminary, i.e. they could be categorized as
      letters of intent or term sheets. As is customary in such cases, negotiations have taken
      place between the sides to refine specific points. Once the final binding bids are submitted,
      InterOil plans to meet with its investment bankers during the first week of March.
      InterOil’s board will then be able to make a decision on which bid to accept. If the decision
      is straightforward – one bid is clearly superior to all others – then an announcement can be
      made very quickly. If the decision is more complicated, then the board’s deliberations
      would presumably take longer. Either way, once InterOil decides, the winning bid can be
      converted into a formal contract by signing on the proverbial dotted line.
      ♦ One point we have previously made in our research is the risk that InterOil will allow the
      perfect to be the enemy of the good in these negotiations – in other words, the natural
      tension between management’s desire to hold out for the best possible deal terms and the
      equity market’s desire for instant gratification. The fact that the company feels confident
      enough to self-impose a deadline for concluding the negotiations is encouraging, because
      it signifies that management is comfortable with what’s already on the table. There
      obviously remains plenty of market skepticism that the company will deliver a deal. Given
      this skepticism, short interest has ramped up, and we think the stock is setting up for a
      short squeeze once the partnership announcement comes out.


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    • Sorry Ed, your word is no good. Exactly where did you hear this? Why can't you post an exact quote?

      Besides, everyone knows Pavel Mochanov works for Raymond James. They did about $40 million in debenture deals for IOC as investment banker so Pavel is not objective and is CONFLICTED from word go.

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    • I guess the news got out. It gave the stock a second wind.

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