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  • puppyfister puppyfister Feb 1, 2013 4:34 AM Flag

    MUPPET SPIEKS had a most excellent post yesterday


    There's a good chance:

    That a deal will be announced;
    That EWC will not be included;
    That production timelines will be pushed out to beyond my life expectancy;
    That it will not bring enough cash, quick enough, to help IOC;
    That the s/d will disappoint everyone except the SHU UBERS who will then change the goal posts;
    That the tree trimmers from SHU will be anxiously awaiting more koolaid at the Houston AGM;
    That the EBSTER will inhale additional helium and expound on his knowledge of investing;
    That it will not be acknowledged that A3 well results are not as good as IOC would have you believe;
    That, unfortunately, Phil will be allowed to stay as CEO;
    That IOC will lose most of its undrilled prospects in 2014;
    That the pps will NOT see a new high anytime soon;
    That this post will be red thumbed to death.

    That should just about cover it all.

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