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  • moxietrader moxietrader Feb 12, 2013 11:48 PM Flag

    let's be serious

    i hope this stock goes much higher and i think it will. it is my largest position. but we will be lucky to get back to the 90's. the guy on seeking alpha trying to compare IOC to APC is smoking crack and should join the circus. you're talking about the best e and p company ever with APC and a spec play with IOC. it is moronic comments like his that worry me. let's hope for smart and realistic commentary from the bullish camp and far fetched nonsense from the bears. not the opposite. that will create a nice set up into the deal announcement. no way this goes to 200 much less 450. keep it real. come on 90. hedge youself with puts if it gets to 75 before the announcement. good luck longs.

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    • I don't know how you arrive at your $90 number. Morgan Stanley has a $165 one year target . May be they are too optimistic but usually they do need to do some high school math to justify their target. Me think there are people out there with big $$$ watching to squeeze some money out of the shorts. I don't know how they are going to cover 11.8 million shares if the SD materialize. Do you ?

    • Yes come on 90 pps. We 36 million shares are all in favor of that. Then we can wave as we speed by with 11-12 million shares squished by the announcement of a sale. As a four month investor in this stock moxie have some respect for those that are patient and have followed the company for years. Or if that doesn't suit you have some respect for the investment advisors that are clearly knowledgeable of the company and the industry. And, if that doesn't fit your scenario just enjoy these mb for the entertainment they provide while we wait. But the waiting one way or another is almost over and if it is just a sell down we can all sing cumbyyah we made some bucks. If it is a full sale it will be adios and joining the Chevron, Total or Exxon Board.

      Now have a good investment day!

    • You're a loser Moxie if you have IOC as your largest position and only image a PPS of 90 post Sell Down!

      You should have sold at 99 but you were probably out in the woodshed at the time.

      All IOC top management are of the opinion that IOC has more than 3 billion BOE under their acreage. GLJ confirmed nearly 1 billion just in E/A. Triceratops is bigger. Add some of the "fish" and you have more than APC "the best" E & P company ever! Ha! They can"t hold a candle to Dave Holland.

      Who do you report to? Boston or Snake?

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      • dude you must have smoked crack with the seeking alpha guy. if ioc goes to 90 in 30 to 60 days ill double my money in 4 months with the shares and options i own. that's a winner dumbo. apc executes. they drill agressively and they win. they win more than anyone. period. there is not 3 billion boe of proved reserves anywhere in the world with the 10 or less wells ioc has drilled. you need hundreds of wells or more to confirm 3 billion boe. xom has 25 so your saying ioc is worth 1/8 of xom. its pure speculation and they would have been bought already if they had anything near that. it wont be years until they can really confirm how much is there and years before production. 90 is a gift on this and we will be really lucky to get it. no one in ioc top management has a clue on what they have other than they do have a few nice wells. if you show me where they say 3 billion proven i will liquidate all holdings and short tomorrow. u are just like the clowns that had 1000 price targets on aapl. get your head out of the clouds and into the game. i guarantee this stock isnt going to 200 next month.

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