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  • janinesor janinesor Mar 1, 2013 6:00 PM Flag

    New Offering - Massive Dilution Next Week

    Even I was surprised at the drop this week. Today's rumor is that IOC is going with EWC due to low bids and will need to do another offering of over 500 million next week. This news should tank the stock down to the low $40s. Short at will. Short the #$%$ out of this fraud. Phil is about to screw every loyal IOC shareholder.

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    • HMMMM? How much are you being paid for this post? EWC is PNG's approved "supper major"?

    • Not a math major, are we? That amount of dilution would take the stock to about $55 from the current price. If the fall from yesterday and today was due to the rumor, diluted price is closer to $62.

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      • Hey genius. I am talking about the combined effect of going with EWC and dilution. IOC would be lucky to hold $40 in that case. The deals must really suck for IOC. Shorts will write and close the final chapter on this poorly managed company. Did you hear that CC? Sounded like bumbling idiots. Longs deserved to lose it all.

      • johnvon98. Actually you flunked math in the 9th grade. You can't figure the actual dilution until the date and price of the offering are determined and you need to use the share price at that time. So stop the baloney.

        I find it interesting that InterOil paid $136,400 USD in registration fees to file the shelf offering. Gee, do you think they blew that money if they didn't think they needed to issue new shares?

        How disingenous of Phil, the BOD, Pavel and Calio to not utter a peep about the shelf even though there was a CC etc.

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