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  • jdeo1969 jdeo1969 Mar 5, 2013 3:23 PM Flag

    VS appears to be proving me right.

    His disclosure says buy, yet he constantly bashes. I find it amusing that he just can't take the position he obviously has which must be short. I asked him last week if he was a disgruntled long, he said no. The proof is in your posts. I have no problem with anyone thinking for themselves, but to do so under false pretense is not honorable. That is my opinion VS. I think your comments and selective negative posts consistently prove me right. If you are short, just say so.

    Good luck longs

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    • Hey jdeo1969
      With all due respect........give us a break!
      Stop wasting this MB time on this BS! Who really cares if VS is a closet short pretending to be a long.. This venue is suppose to be about IOC not about how you determine who is really a long and a short.with evidence to prove iit.
      Who are you LONG and Short police?

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      • 1 Reply to ioc_critic
      • Well, there was no formal swearing in, but I'll take the job. I am simply calling out someone who claims to be long, who posts a ridiculous preamble to an article that is irrelevant in an effort to slam the company. It is disingenuous, and that's all IOC_critic. i apologize if I have offended your delicate sensibilities. I was unaware you had such a hair trigger.

        Good luck longs

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    • First when face with Debt Challenges Colleges They DO SOMETHING!!

      Colleges Call It a Build For the Future or Buy A Building or Education Express into the 21st Century.


      They aren't worried until 2017. 4 years from now. They had no debt. Their net investments in 4 years could easily erase this debt. Their investment guy fell on his sword.

      The Task Force Report on the financial condition for the College is a Confidential Document and was not diclosed to the reporter nor to the public.

      However this direct quote from the College President from the original non-histyerical VS reporting usurped information

      “Debt of $115 million for a college with $442 million in assets is within an appropriate range for colleges of our size and type,” Calvin President Michael Le Roy said in a summary of the task force’s report. “Though we are near the high end of where our debt threshold range should be.”

      Calvin College already has a structured loan process to pay the debt. It is not debt just found.

      Because of its investment losses, 6.1 percent of Calvin’s budget – about $6.3 million – will annually be used to pay down its debt through 2016.

      Starting in 2017 – when higher debt payments become due – the college will increase those payments to about 9.2 percent of its budget, around $9.5 million.

      Losing those dollars will cause significant strain on Calvin’s budget, Le Roy said.

      Administrators may attempt to ease the financial hardship by refinancing its debt.
      However, Le Roy acknowledges programs and services may be cut to make up for the loss. He also said the college will look at ways to generate new revenue, such as adding a program that’s in high demand.

      Dr. Byker drilled an oil well on college property in 1995 as soon as he was inaugurated that has paid expenses for years. Dr. Byker was 1 for 1 on successful oil wells on Calvin College tenure.

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    • Very good observation jdeo, perhaps that explains his bombastic post here that led him to be booted from SHU, PLUS!!! the fact that Bonk defends him, shows that he is indeed a short...just saying

    • Perhaps VS worked hard to earn money and saved it. Perhaps he invested it in a company and has become an owner. Perhaps he expects those elected by fellow owners to be good stewards of his hard-earned savings. Perhaps he is a wee bit concerend that it appears the institution that IOC's chairman was president of since 1995 is a financial basket case and nobody knew about it including the board of that institution until far too late Perhaps he looks at the board of IOC, with Phil, Phil's brother in law, Byker, Bykers pal Delcamp, and "Sir Rabbie" and does not get a warm fuzzy feeling about the governance.

      Carry on.

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      • 4 Replies to bonkthegrups
      • Then why not just cone out and say sell strong sell whatever. His disclosure is disingenuous if he feels the way you do. My criticism is that and that alone. As stated he has a right ro his opinion but I believe he is being dishonest in his presentation of such.

        Good luck longs

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      • Perhaps bonk is just trying to have some fun again. Hopefully you don't really believe what you're saying and hopefully you aren't really defending VS's attempt to smear a guy who was asked to go out and raise funds and bring Calvin College up to snuff with other colleges. He did that. The idea that the BOD operated in some secret subversive way is as you state "rubbish". I've read their required filings and all policies for investments were reviewed and signed off on. All officers and BOD file statements not only disclosing any conflicts but also that they've reviewed investment policies. The VP of finance, admin and IS administered these policies and he was asked to resign last fall. The policies he carried out worked for many years while markets were hot and the plan adopted by all officers and the BOD was to try and fund the loan payments with investments and endowments and returns on those and not build debt payments into the operating budget. This was due to shrinking enrollments and shrinking funding. Like the current president states, it worked until the economic downturn. As stated elsewhere the debt balance was at the high end of normal, but its manageable; again this is acknowledged by the new president and BOD. They will start building debt payments into the operating budget in 2017 and cut some expenses but its manageable.

        Instead of starting a witch hunt as shorts tend to do against CEOs and BOD chairs, VS and you should look at the facts; not rely on a couple of stories meant to grab headlines. What happened at Calvin happened at colleges across the country in the boom times and subsequent downturn. Byker did great things for Calvin and there's no reason to drag him through the mud after having served there for 16 years. Go read what all he did for Calvin, and now they are working through some challenging but very manageable issues. Very few institutions haven't had to do that.

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      • Perhaps someone is grumpy because they are short in multiple ways and are losing a lot of money this week

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      • bonkthegrups Mar 5, 2013 10:16 PM Flag

        VS = Vulcan Schyytt!

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    • would agree his posting suggest what you say..

    • He may have a mental condition that presents itself as mood swings and irritablility. Might just be bitter due to certain losses.

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