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  • bonkthegrups bonkthegrups Mar 8, 2013 3:53 PM Flag

    "The shorts the shorts the shorts"

    Take a chill pill folks. Focus on the deal the deal the deal.

    FWIW I'm looking at going short on Monday. Looking for $80. Just debating whether or not to wait for the "news". What I may do is short the stock, sell an OOM put and buy an OOM call as a hedge.

    I'm probably going to short a bit just because I'm sick of the "bonk who has no position..." rubbish.

    Have a great weekend.

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    • I have never been more convinced that this company misleads and is a near scam. Having said that I have to give credit to someone (the company?) for the ability to keep the share price at these levels despite constantly promising and not delivering..I don't believe there are many companies that have been able to pull the wool over WS eyes for this long. As a result, I have been burnt buying out of the money puts even wiith plenty of time. I think the incredible short interest gives a very nice floor to keep the prices high. I also think when and more importantly *if* they announce anything, there will be a tremendous short covering immediately after and then a subsequent slow bleed. The more likely possibility will be that they continue to do what they are best at... saying nothing. I wish you luck regardless.

    • Sure bonk, you might be able to say that if the short interest weren't so high and more importantly the shorts didn't use the tactics they (and you) have used along with increasing that short interest. Too many timed articles, tweets by a hack, leaked partial documents, etc. Of course it's complete coincidence.

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      • Jamsams: being objective, couldn't one argue the exact same thing on the long side? How many positive SA articles have come out in just the last three weeks, right before the "imminent" sell down? More than in the past couple of years combined? How about the closed SHU Board, dominated by pumps, where even modest cynics like VS or MS are shunned or shut out? How about misleading quotes and press releases from management over years and years? Of course it's complete coincidence.

    • Short the stock next week. You'll get another 40+ points and vol will even get crazier. Sell stock and sell $120+. Today is when you want to cover stock, not short it.

    • You gonna buy a whole call and sell a whole put? That should keep you in Cheerios for breakfast, lunch and dinner if you guess right! :-)

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    • I really don't care if you have a position. Posters here merely pointed out the idiocy of posting thousands of negative messages on IOC when you claim you have no position. I don't think I have ever posted on a board where I didn't hold some position in the stock.

      Do you write complaint letters to businesses you do not deal with?

      I am more interested in how you handle IOC's successful sell down and operator announcement.

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