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  • nelson4774 nelson4774 Mar 11, 2013 8:07 PM Flag

    When do we see a deal?

    In all seriousness, when should we expect to hear an announcement of the deal? I understand that the investment banks had to talk with the Board of Directors after the bids closed, but shouldn't they have all had an idea of who and what the winning bid would be? I'm hoping for XOM or Total to be the winning bid coming in the next few days.

    And to the shorts. You clearly have no reason to be shorting this stock with such news on the way. Any time you drop the price in the morning, it rebounds. The market knows something is coming. Can you say short squeeze?

    I'm not selling under 150.

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    • The other thing IOC should be pondering is that if they screw up this deal or hold out for more than the bidders are willing to pay, the bidders might just walk away. There are NG deals going on all over the planet. And, new technologies such as thorium reactors or newer types of conventional fission reactors are being developed. They have to look at the numbers, pick one and move some dirt,

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    • Nelson, IOC stated in their press release that the Board of Directors is meeting with their investment bankers IN MARCH. The same release implied, but did not state that the actual decision as to whom would be the buyer and partner would also be made in March. If I were short, I wouldn't want to bet my money as to just when as it's clearly going to happen. So sit tight we'll have a buyer in a few weeks, perhaps less or just a little longer. Don't let the shorts get under your skin. In fact, if you see any decline use it as a buying opportunity.

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    • exactly when hell freezes over. Someone asked the same question on this board 7 years ago.

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