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  • bonkthegrups Mar 12, 2013 9:50 AM Flag

    My take this AM

    It should be clear to all that IOC had a bid the Board was willing to accept or why put out a final bid date .We further know that bid was amongst the 2 Super Majors , 1 NOC and 1 Utility bids announced by WA at IPAA. Why because the Board set up a final date!!!

    Could IOC have received more bids after IPAA and before the bid deadline of course they could. To not announce today to me means that one of those late bids was of sufficent interest to ask more questions and must be superior to the prior bid they had selected as acceptable. Or we are getting more for our assets in a sell down than the Board expected. Thus it must be quite bullish.

    If the bids were weak one would accept the previousely aceeptable bid...If the bids were complex the IBers were hired to uncomplicate them and figure the value of each bid.

    I don't know when we hear but the lack of news raises the bar !!

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    • Man.. You are THAT desperate of a long that you'd have to go and fake someone else's ID? Desparate situations, desparate measures, eh? What's even worse, is total ineptitude on the part of Yahoo to allow this to happen.

    • Fake bonk and fake Sam Tibbs.

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    • I agreewith your take based on three singing birdies in my bushes.

      They're whispering that two bidders are shortlisted for further nego.
      Translation .... "bidding war"

      Thank you very much .... Elvis is in the building!

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      • bud7cr Mar 12, 2013 10:02 AM Flag

        Agree that this is likely going on and it makes sense since until January the Ant3 well was just confirming the IOC statements that Ant is a continuous structure and the bid deadline was announced. To that point the best bids had not necessarily been submitted. What all came in through Feb 28th likely contained at least one pleasant surprise and based on that the company has said they will be meeting with the IBs continuously and that means some Q&A for clarifications with bidders as well as the government. As well teh government needs to conclude negotiations with IOC regarding their ability to take anything more than their normal ownership interest. My guess is that O'Neill is (or has already) telling the PNG Negotiating Team responsible for the up to 50% option that the time is up and please report back to the Gas Committtee what your final answer is. You've used up all of your life lines.

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