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  • hedgescum hedgescum Mar 20, 2013 9:09 AM Flag

    Yes Adam has HORRIBLE IOC past calls. Always do the opposite.

    Who could forget when his call to short in the high 30's was literally the gun to sound the bottom. Same with today. He is an ex poker player with so many bad calls its laughable. He is a HORRIBLE stock picker and obviously he has so many things wrong in his article it is meant to help the shorts cover before the deal. Guys like him will get their karma. Puposely deceitful, dirty liar.

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    • Wouldn't it be really funny if he helps to reverse the pps slide ! I believe that IOC posted a $2 gain when he last wrote an article.

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      • charleydavid Mar 20, 2013 9:35 AM Flag

        the question i now have is.... do i believe Adam (or the stage actor called Adam) or do i believe Wells Fargo, Westlake Securities, JP Morgan and all of the other major investment houses who have actually invested hundreds of millions of dollars and increased their stakes in the recent quarters...

        its a long shot but i am going to guess that Wells Fargo and Renaissance Technologies Hedge fund has a better handle on the Asian investment market than the team at Gefvert and Co....

        I respect anyone short in this stock.... we are speculating... but to say that its worth $.34/tcf, is a waste of time... if it were vetted properly by the major investment houses... then we would have heard this by now... not from an independent short investor like Adam

        caveat: beware... a prop like Adam does have a percentage chance of being right and that should casue us all to re-calc our risk appetite...

        I recently just bought more and moved out of April calls to June... to me a good tell of where we are going is to watch the premium of the close month calls evaporate...

        good luck to all longs (and i am optimistic the shorts are not lucky)

        - Charley

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