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  • ebster123 ebster123 Apr 18, 2013 7:59 AM Flag

    Where are Erioch and Bonkie?? Good news posted today

    pickboone • 9 hours ago
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    PRE analyst day comments: "We understand that there is some sort of a beauty contest now between the majors"
    Pretty significant information. I have not been posting on YAZOOOO but had to given the PRE response. All we need now is Black Santa's take on the significance!!!

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    • Still here boone. I'll be back when there is real news, not "we understand that...." stuff. Not much to discuss. The reality is IOC stated binding bids were due on Feb 28. It's coming up on 2 months now. I find informational value in the silence - clearly at least one party at the table hasn't been happy (either IOC, the partner(s), or the government) - if everyone was happy with the deal it could have been announced within a week or two as IOC indicated originally ("first week of March"). Despite what apologists state regarding the delay it doesn't take 2 months to finalize a "binding bid" - the point of an 18 month+ process and the "binding" nature of a bid means they are plenty detailed enough and can be signed and announced quickly.

      All IMHO. I think something will get announced but I am not optimistic about terms, conditions, and contingencies. But I have no position - will wait for the big "news" and see if it's worth shorting at that point.

      Thanks for caring.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Black Santa and most of the good bashers are long gone. Relaced by half brained clowns who don't know the first thing about IOC. As for MO and Curly, I stopped caring what they had to say a long time ago. Neither have an objective bone in their body and intentionally, and self-servingly put their own negative twist on everything. Not a shred of credibility between them.

      You are right, the PRE comments are fantastic and only serve to affim the incredible value of current and future resources! IOC is a long term holding with many more Trillions of gas to be added to their monetized resource base.

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