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  • analyze_dis_2003 analyze_dis_2003 May 4, 2013 3:24 PM Flag

    Let me get this straight.

    So I am supposed to believe that IOC, which has

    1) Over promised and under delivered for years,
    2) Whose CEO abrubtly departs just days before recognizing a decade's worth of work,
    3) Where certain prinicpals don't have the best reputation for honesty and fair dealing, and
    4) Where the stock itself is no stranger to controversy,

    I'm suposed to believe this company is sitting on one of the most prolific finds of natural gas in the world, which just happens to be in the jungles of PNG. And I'm supposed to believe this even though

    1) The market has known about it for three years and not moved
    2) The sell down process has taken over a year and a half and is still not concluded
    3) The original 1/24 press release said the Board would decide the first week of March,
    4) Which got pushed back to 30 days on the earnings press release (which was mysteriouly moved up to before the end of bidding),
    5) Which was extended to 30-60 days on the conference call
    6) Where there is still no answer over 9 weeks later.

    Ok. Sure.

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    • You are an idiot as are you other ID's below. IOC was $1 10 years ago. In 2005 you were bashing IOC when is was under $20 many on SHU bought then and have done better than any index that measures performance. Up 354% in 5 years. Who pays you to make up this #$%$. ????

    • Come on analyze-dis!!! You are so naive.. It's not the world....They have the largest oil and gas reserves in the history of the UNIVERSE... But apparently shell and exxon were too busy doing something else (like their fingers up their butts) in PNG until the "company" gave them the ultimatum of feb. Then they said.. Oh.. we 'd better do something before IOC gets mad at us.

    • You are now an official IOC Donkey Long

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      • If you don't at least half believe it then you should not be in the stock at all. And if you don't believe any of it then you should go all out as a short. In ten days or so you will know a lot more than any of us do now, including the possibility of a PR and CC bob and weave which only further post pones any answers.That is the price of being involved with this stock to begin with. I know; I have suffered with it for 3 1/2 years of obfuscation and misleading statements. At its present pps the stock is neatly poised between optimism and scepticism over what IOC will or will not say at its forthcoming mid May eps release. The suspense grows by the hour. And NO ONE KNOWS! Pay no attention to anyone who says he does know. He does not.

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