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  • jdeo1969 jdeo1969 May 7, 2013 12:59 AM Flag

    shmori is representative of the short intellect

    And its a far, far worse thing they do.

    What an incredibly obtuse crowd of desperate gaggers. They deny the fact that three supers have been reported to be bidding. Um, total, eds and Exxon. Not to mention jkm. They must be so low on money to pay bashers. He is the best they can do. If he actually has skin on the game, it further illustrates the creten short mentality which makes me feel so very much better. Yes, its a far far better thing WE do.

    Good luck longs

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • I get my own topic post? Woo Hoo,This is a first. I feel like a celebrity. Thanks Jdeot. Well..But I have to admit... If they pay me for the couple of posts i place on these pathetic message board every other day, then the short hedge fund managers that hired me must be jdeotic like you too!
      No.. to be honest with you, I look for shady companies, with shadier management and obtunded "investors" to place bearish bets.

    • Jdeo, you are getting increasingly hostile lately, which is sort of out of character. Why? There have always been naysayers surrounding IOC, so what gives? I sense you are projecting....projecting your understandable frustration about the delays, if not the latent doubts you must have...and it is coming out as increasing hostility. If you really believe that these three supermajors are tripping over one another and upping each other in successive bids, perhaps forcing a buyout at a huge premium, just chill, relax, Hemi says...keep it on ice...

      • 1 Reply to erichsussman
      • I'm neither projecting nor hostile. Simply having some fun Eric. Don't take everything so literally. Shmori enjoys the notoriety. Perhaps you should quit trying to play psychoanalyst with regard to my posting and lighten up. Here is an idea...just go long IOC and relax. We can toast the big win soon.

        Geez, don't be so serious. This is just killing time. Actually I've not worried about this particular investment in some time. Feel pretty, pretty...pretty good about the pending outcome.

        Shmori, I hope I didn't hurt your feelings as Eric seems to be suggesting. I only mean it a little bit.

        Good luck longs
        (that's for you shmori)

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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