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  • iocwhatmew5 iocwhatmew5 May 8, 2013 11:26 AM Flag

    Let's put this in perspective

    We are 100% justified in expecting IOC to give some reassuring communication about where we are. It is highly unlikely the confidentiality agreement allows NO communication about the status of negotiations, and IOC shareholders have been more than patient over the last 3 and 1/2 years. We deserve some news of where we are.
    That said, there seems to be some seem to be slight panic on the part of some IOC investors. Even if bonk and eric are right that there is a message in the market about leaks saying the bidding is not the all out war that some on SHU (like Kenny) are suggesting, it is not saying that we are likely to lose money on the deal either. Best info we had was that the deal was waiting on the government of PNG anyway, so I am not sure that the delays mean squat about the bidding. The pps is not trending well, but that is to be expected with the delays.

    Few longs have been more critical of IOC over the years, and I do blame them for losing me money by wasting opportunity costs as the rest of the market has done well over these 3 years by comparison with IOC being only slightly above where I bought my shares. Nevertheless, I have lost significant money before by listening to short's pronouncements of doom right before the big payoff. Not this time. I am in it at least until we hear something threatening from O'Neill or that idiot Phil (but both are less likely than ever).

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    • I have owned IOC for over 6 years, and quite frankly I don't recall the market telling us anything regarding IOC unless it was about a day or so before a short basher article. IOC was always tight about any news worthy info and always took investors by surprise. The news we're waiting for will come and it will be more than most expect.

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      • Yep agree Ed. Almost as long a holder as you and made plenty on early days and hoping for the big announcement. Its a damn soap opera on this board. We have all been patient and the shorts know it is tedious and can push the longs buttons with their deceptions and ragging us. But, we can only hope the BOD are operating with our best interests at heart.

    • and if you had hedged and sold covered calls "above the share price 5%" each and every month against 20% of the common you may own, I KNOW you would be UP a SIGNIFICANT amount.....As I've done near every month for 5 YEARS...Thankfully I bought quite a few shares between 10-12 and before it went to 84 the first time...Have 1200 hedged that expired next friday now...77.50's to 85 strikes....May',,,,fwiw,,,,,

    • Good points.
      My concern is not one of impending doom but rather long delays resulting from PNG gov't appearing to hold the reigns on development of E/A. They want to get this right and get the best possible deal for PNG.
      There are many rumors as to structure of potential deals but PNG is most concerned about what is best for them, not IOC shareholders.
      Possible issues:
      Will, a bidder cover PNG costs?
      Will bidder provide financing for PNG gov't/
      Will Png gov't consolidate all infrastructure with XOM project?
      etc, etc, etc

      Who knows the final outcome but it is my belief PNG is now in control of IOC's outcome, not IOC.
      We have Phil to thank for his three years of bumbling and delays.
      Think Png isn't/wasn't frustrated with IOC's lack of progress?
      IMO, IOC knows which offer THEY prefer but decision on final deal will be MANDATED by PNG gov't.
      IMO this will not be an arms length transaction but will be crafted by PNG gov't and forced down our throats.
      Think PNG gov't cares about us IOC shareholders?
      Hell no!!
      IMO, PNG gov't didn't demand option for additional 27.5% ownership ( thus giving them effective control of 50% of E/A) for any reason other than they wanted to wrest control over development of E/A control from IOC.
      Again, IMO, Phil was an obstacle, the gov't was fed up with him and thus wrested control away from IOC via the option for an additional 27.5%.

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      • I happen to agree with you on all counts MS. I do feel that the GOVT will get what it wants here. There was a very strong rumor last fall that IOC had a good bid in hand from an Asian groupof some sort. Why not take it? I believe that the Govt had a say in that as well somehow.

        On the other hand I think the Govt would like to wrap this up too. With Phil gone and already a lenghty process with bidders, Id hope that this can be wrapped up in the next month. I certainly hope this doesnt drag till yr end.

        Yes the PNG govt does not care about IOC shareholders, thats normal and as it should be. IOC mgmt as shareholder sheppard, is supposed to do that. In this case that didnt happen. IOC was not able to craft a govt acceptable deal on their own. My thinking is the deal will be moderately accretive ...but not highly.

      • MS has lost it again. He has lost his sources and thus now makes it all up. MS set up a CC with WA and then report back. IF YOU ARE A LONG YOU WILL DO THIS. Everyone knows you are short IOC and you have never talked to IOC mgt. .Your lies about your position have been clearly revealed over the years. Best to put MS on ignore. If he ever gets the proper info he can so report. And we will listen today all just laugh !! Did this to yourself MS.

      • why don't you just say " I don't like Phil" and " i know nothing about the deals or what's going on". The rest is all just blowhard

      • IMO, you're an idiot now on ignore.

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