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  • ioc_short_squeeze ioc_short_squeeze May 13, 2013 4:57 PM Flag

    This is not Phil Speak. This is it "We are excited to be at the final stage in this process."

    Tomorrows cc will tell what needed to be told.

    The press release says major oil company (which I think is Shell) and national oil company (which i think is indonesia). Plus others have bid.

    When asked in the cc tomorrow, they are going to say its imminent. That is what DUMA already said anyway (and its shell). Leaky leaky PNG poopies...

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • There was never any Phil Speak in the actual release. This is vetted by the lawyers.

      We shall see if there is any Phil Speak tomorrow on the call.

      My prediction, No Phil Speak but no ancillary disclosures either.

      This is as good as its going to get.


    • IOC looks poised for a nice bump tomorrow...hopefully the CC goes as expected. What time eastern is this CC?

    • Thanks squeeze, what Duma quote are your referencing please, and where?

      Good luck longs

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      • My understanding is, PNG news picked it up as a rumor, straight from his, buck fifty. If thats correct, we are going to go for a permanent ride. And the amount of land leased without any wells drilled yet, combined with their proven experience, we could see three more doubles AFTER the first double. If this stock has any rhyme or reason, here is what will happen.

        ANALYST You say its the final stage. That cannot mean 3 more months right?
        BYKER (my hope is he will say ) weeks,. not months. We have been at this 3 months already.

        ANALYST You say major, can you qualify that? major like Iceland Oil or like EXXON, Shell, that definition level...
        BYKER (hoped for answer ) PNG Government only accepts EXXON or EXXON-Like companies as majors. If we proposed a minor, we would loose our lease and license...

        ANALYST A sell down is an important part of this decision. Should investors assume a sell down is in the cards? You should know by now...its been long enough
        BYKER (hopes for answer) The proposals contain significant provisions for sell down with which we are aligned. The proceeds will fund our continued drilling for decades...

        And with that, the stock will roar AND the shorts should kiss the ground for not getting caught with a straight up announcement with sell down and no pre warning. it would have just been worse for them.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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