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  • jdeo1969 jdeo1969 May 28, 2013 7:42 PM Flag

    Note to my fellow longs

    I have been in this stock for over three years, coming up on 4. I have seen ups and downs, not unlike the last 2 days on several occasions. I used to get shaken when i would see this type of action and think something must be wrong. I made mistakes in that regard. Thankfully, I have put my fears aside and I listen intently to my broker who has followed the stock for much longer than myself. While the last two days is discouraging on the surface, I believe it is a total mirage perpetrated by the shorts, who are going all in to try to cover cheaper, by driving the stock down with manipulative days such as Friday and today. Each individual is responsible for his or her own investment, and his or her goals can change from one investor to the next. The tolerance of risk is also not identical when it comes to one person vs another. With that backdrop, here is what I am doing FWIW. I am holding onto the shares I own. I will add if we see continued weakness based upon the distortion of a press release. Lost in all of the lies I have seen on this board, is that we are now at the table with the world's largest company. They had the preferred bid, which was reportedly a bid against companies such as Total and Shell among others, NOCs and Utilities. Do we really want to believe the NEW short thesis that Exxon lowballed IOC given that data? Do we really want to believe that these companies in the bidding did not go over the data of the resource again and again and again? Do we really believe that all of these shares shorted in the last two trading days were not an attempt to drive the price down and scare investors into selling? I believe that we are in the final stages of something very very big for IOC. And that when we have our deal announcement with, yes, the biggest company in the entire world, that my strategy will have be greatly rewarded. Do your own research. Invest accordingly. I have more but I'm out of space.

    A sincere Good luck longs

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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