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  • kencooksam kencooksam Jun 4, 2013 9:21 AM Flag

    Confused ????

    Whats to be confused about?
    IOC had a competitive bidding process and Exxon paid the most to gain access to IOC's assets.
    One doesn't chose the lowest bid. Ya see the Investment Bankers get paid on the size if the deal as do IOC shareholders and the largest IOC shareholders are IOC insiders.
    Do we have the details well no. But we do know the Exxon bid beat out Shell,Total, The Japanese and Korean governments and more.
    It should be clear Exxon can pay anything less than $7 per mcf and have an accretive deal with IOC. For IOC any deal above 80 cents per mcf is accretive. Reality is thus the mid point. Close to the PRE price. Not exactly rocket science work the above .
    When will the market hear the details. I think in time for the AGM June 24th.

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    • Actually the truth be known my confusion is with the market. If the market anticipates things that will happen in the future then why would the stock price fall 30 points in a few days. Exxon is the winner. We are all going to see a decent agreement which will lead to more and more agreements and higher share price. Okay Chandler and some other big time holders see that. Well that is nice. Why aren't there more buyers to push the price higher. Or should I say where are the buyers? That is the bottomline. Where are the buyers that think the company is going to get a great deal? They do not seem to exist at the moment. Frustrating.....

    • All true and undeniable ken. Of course if you twist things like these bashers do you can get a little dizzy.

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    • Bonk is right. You have a lot of nerve coming out here and telling investors IOC used its competitive bidding process to select Exxon. Where in the press does it say that? They switched from the competitive bidding process to exclusively negotiating with Exxon. That may mean, the IBs were fired. It most certainly would mean, a weak weak deal is forthcoming, if at all. You make improper assumptions with your statement sir. Back it up. Prove it.

    • Perhaps you are thinking about the "bids" in reverse. Perhaps it wasn't IOC dangling thing Antelope and entertaining suitors. I think about as IOC running around getting ever more desperate, dropping its pants more and more, and begging ever more aggressively to get someone to bite. That seems to fit a little better- now Exxon at least has said "Meh, I guess I'll have a look",

      I'm not confused at all.

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      • running around getting ever more desperate, dropping its pants more and more, and begging ever more aggressively to get someone to evidence of this.
        What we do know. Exxon is interested in closing the deal. They do not have the expense of a new LNG plant, so are capable of offering a better deal to IOC than others. Faster to cash flow for the gas. Seems like the best of choices to me. I didn't think the gov't would go for it, but they love it, so why shouldn't we see it as good news?

      • Bonk-When will you apologize all your nonsense ??? . How's the Put spread you put on at $74 working?? June to Jan. LOL and when will you recognize err realize those losses???

      • Perhaps Ken is right and you are wrong? Seems to me that is "perhaps" a more likely scenario here. Shell, Total, Exxon bid...Exxon wins because they are able to pay a higher price due to existing infrastructure AND THEY NEED MORE GAS FOR THEIR PROJECT. You will never admit something that doesn't fit your "bash IOC constantly" mantra. So this is little surprise you spin Ken's words the opposite. You may be good at spin, but it doesn't mean you are correct.

        Good luck longs

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