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  • ioc_short_squeeze ioc_short_squeeze Jun 14, 2013 7:23 AM Flag

    SEC, there were 10 fails to deliver reported for IOC and not even one for Apple Computer, where are you ?

    Its time for the FBI to call the NSA and investigate the SEC, the Specialist and then investigate each other and fine each other. Of course, the investors get nothing back. Organized crime at its very finest. ;)

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    • I don't like to comment on Yahoo but here you go. You won't find trade fails for a NASDAQ-listed company on the NYSE website that was linked in the article. On the last day of data there were $14 million worth of AAPL fails.

      Fails in AAPL will be much lower as it is the most owned stock and one of the most liquid stock on the planet. The odds of a broker not having AAPL in custody to settle trades are virtually nil.

      AAPL is not a heavily shorted stock. 2.6% of the float versus 28% for InterOIl.

      Naked shorting is not a demonstrable issue for either stock.

      On a fundamental level people that buy shares expect them to be delivered. If you contend there are substantial undocumented naked shorts out there, then you should be able to point your message board to the naked longs that are happy not having the shares they paid for.

      Do you believe in Bigfoot?


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      • Aheeeem, and I quote from YOUR PENNY ARTICLE "on EVERY listed equity"

        So now, you lied about the link too. Your link does not in fact lead to the failed deliveries for every listed equity. Ohhhhh boy, you like to take liberties to emphasize your position.

        Is there any truth in you? What are you front running with your short position? Be truthful, everyone is watching. ...and you just got caught on a big lie.

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    • don't concern yourself..Bonkie has informed us all that there is nothing "ill" to all those shares not being delivered..Totally innocent stuff, but he and his bosses are likely one of the guilty parties....The ends always justify the means with that dude..His grandma should be keeping good account of her cookie jar...Sticky fingers with Bonkie..

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