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  • tkmc1980 tkmc1980 Jun 14, 2013 6:05 PM Flag

    Botom Line on IOC

    Here is the bottom line on IOC as i see it. The resources are there. XOM wouldn't be in the picture if that was not the case. Its just a matter of time. Hold on longs. The spring board is loaded by the shorts.

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    • Bottom line on IOC, IN MY OPINION, is that all good news may already be priced in the stock price at these lofty levels

      stock isnt in $10s anymore like it was few years ago. Its in high $70s so you cant deny that a lot has been priced in, correct?? and a almost $4B mkt cap??? for what??? even at $400M mkt cap, I would ask why so high?

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    • This is all well and good. But think for a minute, you have 3 world class IBs. Time is ticking away. The stock could go much lower and then we will see big volume, marking the bottom. (most likely). All those shares torn from other investors...these investors do not know the deal is done, signed, Oneil signed it, its before parliament. If that is the truth, there is big trouble brewing here. They simply cannot do this. Yeah, they are doing it anyway, to heck with the common muppet. You money laundering charge-a-fee types simply know more and like to spew it out here, but at what cost? Its great that in the name of your clients, you can cheat and steal from the common muppet. A tribute to all that the SEC and FBI stand for. Truly. Don't break a string...

    • Right, XOM was selected over other majors, an noc and others wishing to partner with IOC. Their's was the best bid and partnership also has the blessings of O'Neil and PNG. The deal is done, and it is a good one ; all that remains is the completion of hundreds of details. The important details are already agreed to, they would have to have been known in order to have won the selection phase of the bidding. We will know imho in approx 2 weeks.Good luck longs.

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    • Exactly right. You only lose money if you sell your stock because you are shaken up by shorts manipulation. I own a lot of IOC stock and know that I will be rewarded in the not distant future. Read SHU where they don't even mention today's price as they know it's only temporary.

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