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  • holywallst holywallst Jun 18, 2013 9:53 PM Flag

    I hope the DEAL does happen

    I think you longs have a huge misunderstanding when you think that shorts do not want the deal to happen.

    Of course, I cant speak for all shorts, but personally, I do want the deal to happen. let me repeat: I do Want a deal (yes even as a daytrading short). How else will the stock gap up at open and then race south furiously allowing me to short-trade that fade and make fat bucks if not for good deal news???

    Daytrading fellow shorts should understand that IF the deal does not happen, its not in their interest at all, as there is a possibility the stock will open at, say, $40s at 930 am and then rise to $50s by 4 pm. How do you short that move? You cant.

    So, lets hope that a deal does happen, lets hope it does gap up to $108 again, and lets hope it fades down to $75 again after that. but just because we hope for the best doesnt mean best will happen. you gotta look at both scenarios.

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    • WHAT? Posts like that are why these message boards are worthless and a total waste of time. I had to reply to this one because I can't believe someone would spend valuable time posting foolishness like this. Amazing waste of time.

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      • Citamar... Were you in a deep freeze coma a month ago when the exact same thing that you call stupid happen to this very stock? I am waiting for the exact same thing. I am looking for a gap up on ANY news (with the exception of XOM walking away) and then I will buy as many puts as I can buy and wait for to dwindle down to mid-teens.

      • wait a minute now. explain to me why my strategy is worthless. Consider this hypothetical example.

        Step 1. Deal does happen.
        Step 2. Stock opens at $108 at 930 am
        Step 3. I short at open
        Step 4. Wait till it drops to $75-80
        Step 5. Cover your short at $75, or $80 or $85 or the price you choose at.

        the above can happen only with GOOD DEAL NEWS in my personal opinion. and thats foolishness to you??? are you saying its not happened before?? LOL

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