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  • mspieks mspieks Jul 17, 2013 4:35 PM Flag

    Data room #$%$ by design?

    Recent press reports that IOC data room leaves much to be desired was responded to by the esteemed, master GURU as: by design?
    I thought Id heard it all but this bit of posturing by the head Apologist takes the prize for the dumbest bit of pumping in all time. You mean to tell me, with a straight face, that Phil purposely planed to have a #$%$ data room?
    So as to under mine the bids?
    So as to decrease shareholder value?
    So as diminish the value of E/A?
    Is this why we're selling 4.5 tcf to XOM instead of to Japex or TOTAL?

    I'm still shaking my head at the ludicrousness of that particular post.
    I'm still shaking my head at the dumbness of this particular post.
    No wonder this guy has been the chief Apologist for Phil all these years.
    No wonder Phil couldn't get a deal done all these years; with friends such as this, no wonder no one jumped at Phil's offers to buy E/A at $5 +. LOL,LOL,LOL,LOL
    What a moron.

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    • Clearly Phil was a dunce, and had no clue what it took to bring in legit (not gunvar or flex types) partners. However I wouldn't put too much stock in a blog by some random PNG so called expert. I think you are getting too worked up over something that 1) may not be totally correct 2) may have little bearing to the final XOM deal.

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    • What "press reports"? All I know of is one person's opinion on one blog.

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        It doesn't matter whether there was a press report or a blog, or hundreds of each.
        The point of my post was to point out the ludicrous extent to which some of your colleagues on SHU will go to spin ANY negative story, whether such story is believable or not.
        Hence my moniker for him as the head Apologist. There are , at least, 11 others. Phil was the Jesus of the group worship. No apostle dared question Jesus, nor will any apologist question what Phil did and DIDN'T ACCOMPLISH.

        A corollary to such blog was a ( the same ?) writers' comment that the resource numbers are questionable, ie that the GLJ numbers are suspect.
        In as much as you and I have skirmished over this issue numerous times ( you were my fiercest critic when I first posited, three years ago, that GCA was commissioned to produce a report) it seems to me that I am not the only one who questions the validity of the GLJ numbers.
        I engaged Wayne in a very heated discussion regarding this subject: I suggested that IOC change IOC's resource appraiser so as to show the world what they actually have.
        Don't you think for a moment that IF, IF, IF IOC were to engage a different appraiser this year AND IF such appraiser were to come up with the same numbers as GLJ that that wouldn't quell the questioning of IOC/GLJ numbers? Wouldn't that have put IOC in a much stronger bargaining position with the bidders?

        You like to hit and run; you never respond; you only attack.
        For once, why not respond and engage in a discussion. Or am I just another lying, distorting short that should be reported to the SEC, which characterization you always seem to fall back on. Are you incapable of discussion?

    • Yes little hamster, that is what chubby boy would have all the idiots believe

    • It appears you get to wear the dunce cap mspieks; you missed the whole point of the discussion. When I read the post it was clear what was being said. But you once again miss the point completely. You should focus more on what reality is instead of always looking for someone to bash.

      mspieks fits you perfectly because mthinks, mmakessense, munderstands, certainly don't. Try engaging your brain first next time. What was it WA said when he was first introduced to you and you asked your first question? Oh yes, "I can tell a short by the questions he asks". mshorts; it fits.

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      • Another moron.
        I didn't miss the point of any discussion, much less the dumb position by Tree.
        Purposeful distortions in data room?
        Purposeful lack of disclosure to potential bidders?
        I can't believe you would honestly believe such a hypothesis.

        Did you ask Wayne any intelligent questions ( much less any questions at all) ?
        I remember being surrounded by lemmings when I asked my questions.
        Not a singe peep from any of the lemmings around me.
        I guess you were all too busy taking my pictures on your iphones and checking my drivers license.
        Did you get any info from Wayne that night? Oh, I forgot, you and Kenny have Wayne on speed dial.

        If Wayne thinks I am a short, which I don't think he does, because I asked some hard questions, then he needs to get a life. At least he answered my questions with some thoughtfulness, unlike the discourse I had with some of you lemmings.

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