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  • pickboone pickboone Aug 21, 2013 7:40 AM Flag

    Something has changed in the last few days

    I caught up with two investors yesterday, one of them spoke to Wayne Andrews yesterday and the other to a "top 3 manager at InterOil" who he wouldn't disclose. While the two InterOil executives continue to hold things tight to the vest, both investors came away from the calls with a sense that the exclusivity lapse has led to the negotiations with Exxon positively breaking through toward closing. Both came away from the conversations feeling that the two InterOil managers have a sense of excitement about what's been going on this week with Exxon since exclusivity went away. Both investors came away thinking the deal was basically agreed to, and their sense from the conversations is that exclusivity going away has had a big impact on Exxon's urgency to close. They also came away from the conversations with a lot of confidence that Exxon is fully committed to closing this deal. If this feeling that a deal is accelerating to a closing starts to be accepted by the market, there's no telling how high the stock could go over the next week or two.

    One other note... One of the investors asked Wayne about "the latest developments with the Government of Papua New Guinea" that were talked about in InterOil's PR on Monday, and the feeling he came away with was that there's more positive substance to the government developments that has yet to be disclosed. If true, this could be a big deal.

    I guess we'll just have to stay tuned, but it's nice to see management which has held their cards to tight to the vest for so long finally giving people a sense that things are breaking through to a positive close. It makes me think the exclusivity going away was the best thing the new CEO could have done.

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    • he.. hehe.. hehehehhehehe.. hehehhehehhehehhehhehehhe rolling on the floor hehehehhehehhehehehheh.. OH my GOD!!!! HHEHEHEHHEHHEHEHHEHHEHEH
      I LOVE your posts... You know why?!!!! ONLY shady companies with shadier management feature these posts. YOU are the "smoke" where IOC is the "fire",,You never hear respectful companies have cockroaches like you (and your posse ) come out of the woodwork with postings like yours. I do admire the lack of shame. It takes an incredibly low class, cheating and lying character to do what you do and I realize it is not easy to be SO immoral. Thank you for your constant butt-farts on these boards. Not ONLY they are entertaining, but they also give me FULL confidence in my Short (put) position
      Really,.......... thank you!.
      Oil and gas-

    • Just in time Pick.

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    • IOC made the same types comments to my broker and he feels that you captured the content and sentiment very well in your post

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    • You got it right, pick!!!

    • zimmerbros Aug 21, 2013 11:51 AM Flag

      water park operations director, Phil Mulacek"
      Water park dealt blow in grass fire
      Wind-whipped flames damage pump house, scorch 250 acres


      A grass fire fanned by powerful winds scorched 250 acres at the city's southwestern edge Friday and badly damaged a crucial component at Texas Water Rampage.

      The fire ignited shortly before 3 p.m. outside the city limits in a field northwest of Brownfield Highway. The flames moved toward Lubbock, charring fields of dry grass and burning a key utility building at the water park.

      About 50 firefighters from Wolfforth, Lubbock, Wellman, Woodrow, West Carlisle, Shallowater and Reese Air Force Base fought the blaze, which was brought under control in about two hours. Firefighters were tending to only a few lingering hot spots at 5:15 p.m.

      The flames were whipped by winds averaging 30 mph and gusting up to 40 mph, the National Weather Service reported. And unseasonably warm temperatures contributed to the dry conditions. Friday's high temperature was 80, eclipsing the previous record high of 75 set in 1918, the weather service said.

      No serious injuries to firefighters were reported. Eddie Kirkpatrick of the Lubbock Fire Department was taken to University Medical Center after complaining of nausea, said department spokesman Lt. Mark Ethridge. Kirkpatrick was treated and released.

      The water park's operations director, Phil Mulacek, said damage to the utility building may run as high as $80,000. The building had housed a pump for the park's wave pool.

      Texas Water Rampage's water slides were mostly unscathed, and the pump and filtration systems for the rest of the park, along with the main building, escaped damage.

      "We are going to do everything we can (to reopen this summer),'' Mulacek said. "I know we can have half a park. It shouldn't be a problem.''

      The business is insured, Mulacek said, but he wasn't sure if it will be covered after Friday's damage.

      "They (insurance of

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    • Nothing has changed.

      You and squeezefinder continue to post nonsense based upon body language and voice inflection cues you are getting second hand from undisclosed investors.

      It is tiring and comical at this point.

      The deal has been basically agree to for months according to you.

      I don't know why you post this stuff. It is obvious that you are trying to induce people to buy shares.

      It should be equally apparent to you that no one can possibly believe a word you say anymore.

      All we know are that negotiations with Exxon are continuing. That's it folks. Anything else is baseless speculation or pumping nonsense.

      My own ADMITTED SPECULATION is that the loan for exploration means that no deal is imminent.


      • 5 Replies to raiseyou33
      • Time has always shown the pumpers to be baseless morons that make a few people feel more comfortable. The truly amazing part is that posters like pick and resource arb continue to be taken seriously by those who want desperately to believe in Santa Claus. People like Sailhappy are truly like children. I have the same hopes that the rest of the longs have; I just have no trust, after all these years, in the incessant pumper rumor mill. And PS: I don't care how complex these negotiations are; we have been at this serious deal search for what...over two years? Not willing to bail yet, but my patience is starting to wear thin.

      • Since you are so sure about his motives, what are yours given your constant negativity at the other extreme?

      • What has changed in the past week:
        1) Negotiations are no longer exclusive but are still ongoing.

        2) They have a loan to carry them through the drilling. Read that as you may, but I can argue that it does not mean a deal is not "imminent" rather a deal can be closer. I am not arguing that but it is a way to look at it as well. So this is interpretation.

        3) PPS has dropped significantly.

        4) See #1 - The only thing that really is true and real at this point (well and number 4 as well)

        What has no changed:

        Bashers keep bashing, pumpers keep pumping.

      • WELL SAID

      • I personally think that some here could be paid pumpers. Not the kind that get paid per post. But the kind that are on salary to keep the relentless pumping going no matter what it takes. And they do that by playing the role of a wise long who got all the inside scoop of everything in life.

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    • j.coolaid Aug 21, 2013 10:07 AM Flag

      I will tell you what has changed in the last few days. You have finally made the leap from pickboone to pickfool. I can't stand how you twist every obvious negative into some crazy positive. You are an idiot or worse. I have lost a fortune here and am hanging on but don't need AHOLES like you rubbing salt in the wounds. It's because of guys like you I lost over $50,000 in call options. SHUT UP.

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    • Pickboone - First a disclaimer: I can't believe a word you say because this is the internet. Second, everything you said makes perfect sense whether it's true or not.

      Exxon and IOC are not going to talk until it's done, period. Therefore I doubt any IOC exec is talking to any "investor". That has serious legal consequences. (Although a "sense of excitement" may not qualify as talking.) Still, the exclusivity expiration puts plenty of pressure on Exxon. The recent disaster of the stock price puts pressure on IOC. (Although here, if you're IOC and you know things are close, you know the stock price will sort itself out after the deal is signed, so they won't worry too much about the wild daily swings in the stock.).

      I know Exxon and they will not let this deal get away and they will die before they let Shell in the game. How close? Still aways off, I think. The negotiations will conclude with a Heads of Agreement. That's likely pretty close. I hope detailed language is being drafted as points are settled, but maybe not. If not, add a couple of weeks for drafting the contract. Then the whole mess goes to their Executive Committees, and then to their Boards. There may be some urgencey, but, final approvals just take time. If the agreements are in place, they may not rush it. They may or may not make announcements along the way. Probably not. At this point, no news is sort of good news. We just have to sit and wait. And now is a great price to buy the stock.

      • 1 Reply to northoil
      • Well said North. Actually we know 1 thing, IOC and XOM were sufficiently far apart on certain deal points to warrant an end to exclusivity. If the 2 parties had been really close to a deal at terms IOC really liked, they wouldn't have had a need to end exclusivity. So There is still work to do before an XOM deal is done. Now if XOM falls away and say Shell becomes the leading candidate, can you imagine how long that would take? Lets not forget the savant Ken has been claiming the lawyers have been holding this up with their diligence for months with XOM...LOL. But imagine how slowly Shell would go forward given their loving kindness for IOC.

        Based on this and also the IOC tortoise like nature in all matters, I don't see a firm XOM deal for at least 2 months. If they go away 6 months to 9 months. I do doubt we get an HOA at all though. I think IOC will shy away from that, I think they will want a signed deal in place before announcing. In any case its months away. IMO. FID 6 months following whenever any deal is done. IMO

    • This would certainly explain the overabundance of new bashers appearing every day this week.

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    • Now your saying the price will only go up for the next week or two??? What about the deal being signed??? Next year???

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