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  • bonkthegrups bonkthegrups Sep 30, 2013 1:53 PM Flag

    Looks like the Republicans want to wreck the economy again

    I think they need to get over it. Obamacare was passed. The presidential election primarily on Obamacare, and they lost. Now they are going to shut down the government because they are more afraid of the right-wing nutjobs in their own party than they are about wrecking the economy.

    To be honest I'm afraid of those nutjobs too.

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    • Remember the 2010 elections? The Dems were removed from majority because of Obama care. There were many laws that were stupid or immoral that have
      been removed. Jim Crow laws in the south as an example. Oh yea, passed by southern Dems.Obama is a joke that is no longer funny.

    • stephentalley Nov 14, 2013 6:47 PM Flag


    • Wrecking the economy? BS...the Government has shut down dozens of times over the last 30 years and most people can't even name more than three occasions. If anything, the shutdown will be a non factor.
      As for anyone who feels Obamacare is a non factor, they are either totally misinformed on the overall impacts of this package or simply too politcally partisan to express an objective opinon. Was healthcare reform needed? Sure. Was a nationalized plan needed moving towards a single payer option? Hell to the NO! An estimated 305 million people live in this country and roughly 30 million are uninsured. So over 90% of this county's population has a form of insurance. Pretty good for a country of this size. Out of those 30 million, I can assure you that few if any are ever denied care.
      Meanwhile, the impacts go something like this. Companies will begin to drop spousal coverage from their plans (already happening with companies like UPS). Individual coverage deductables skyrocket. Layoffs begin with companies just large enough to meet thecoverage threshhold. Fewer Doctors enter the profession. Shortages of coverage and drugs based on cost prevention. This is all the simple stuff we already know is effected, let alone the numerous details that people are still just discovering to this day about this plan. And the fraud?

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    • Bonk if Obamacare is so wonderful why did the Dems ALL vote against the bill that would require all in gov. to be included? And why are special groups being let out of it? Do I think it will be affordable? Overall NO. Do I think we will have large deductables which in effect raises the true cost. Will we be limited to certain DR's and not our choice who to use? Most likely. Please excuse mt spelling, bad sentence structure and all that stuff. I think you get the general idea what I would like to know. And If My friend Erick would like to comment it would be great. As anyone can see I don't get on here much and don't argue about IOC merits. Erick reminded me to play with their $$ so it has worked out pretty well. Yes I probably have too invested but if it went to $0 I would still be OK. Yep one of the few using the name my precious gave me 72 years ago.

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      • Hi, Larry. Hope you and the family are well. Listen, for folks like you and me and most everyone here, Obamacare/ACA will be a blip, if a non-event. For me, I will still have my same coverage through UCLA and my share of the cost will just keep going up, exactly as it has since I started teaching 20 years ago. But I won't really even notice a change. Am I surprised that those with decent care at present (like our politicians or people like me) would not want to be forced to join an exchange? Of course not. The haves will continue to have, Republican or Democrat alike. This is about those that don't have, those that really can't afford medical care at present, and how those that have should carry more burden to provide for those that don't.

    • Bonk and Eric, thanks for bringing a little sanity to the discussion in what I assume to be a Republican dominated investor base. I have never understood why people with lots of money feel comfortable with putting their fellow Americans out on the street because they assume they are lazy. As one who lost his job (and I was one of the hardest working guys in the firm), then was close enough to get Medicare after about 8 months later, I can say it saved my life. To those of you who would deny affordable health care to others just to save yourselves a few bucks a year, what I want to say is find a conscience! PS: To all you Christians, can you HONESTLY say that if Jesus Christ were alive today, he would not be in favorable of affordable health care for all? Where is your shame?

    • Bonk
      Go to youtube and search Obama and Pelosi - Obamacare "Find out what's in it" Then you will see why most Americans are saying NO WAY with Obamcare You first have to vote for it to find out what's in it Coming from The B. Pelosi And you think that's OK

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      • "Then you will see why most Americans are saying NO WAY with Obamcare "

        That's because "most Americans" already have healthcare insurance provided by their employers. "Most" of the others who don't have it provided or can't afford it on their own probably feel differently about it. Nothing like losing your job and coverage, getting sick and going broke! Or getting dropped from coverage because you are sick. Nothing like choosing between food and insurance coverage.

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    • Wow, bonk! Something we can actually agree on. Amazing!

    • tedfio1 Sep 30, 2013 3:26 PM Flag

      Most Americans don't want Obamacare, especially when Obama does not even understand the beast he is unleashing. Obama is to blame for the shutdown, all the Left goosesteps in salute to Obama as they drink the KoolAid. Congress should wash their hands and let Obama fall on his face since he is already good at bowing to Islamic kings.

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      • Gimme a break, Ted. For one thing, most Americans have no clue what Obamacare really is. In fact, one interviewee on a news talk show this past weekend, mentioned how she was in favor of the "Affordable Care Act", but against Obamacare. Classic, since they are one and the same. I will be you any amount of money that if they took a poll of random Americans throughout the country and asked them just two questions:

        1) Are they in favor of Obamacare; and then,
        2) Are they in favor of the Affordable Care Act

        you would get materially different answers. I will also bet you that many people who get Medicare have no idea what that really means, and who pays for their coverage....and that it makes health care more affordable to many. Many Medicare recipients are members of the Tea Party, which cracks me up. One news reporter really embarrassed some tea party member, who was receiving state disability payments, Medicare coverage, and so forth, but that did not stop her from railing about how the government should get out of our lives. Classic. Stupid. Embarrassing.

        Do I think Obamacare is perfect, or won't have several roadbumps along the way? No. It is a sweeping law that impacts every American, which makes it quite unusual. But for Republicans or others to believe that we do not need health care reform, and to have programs that ensure that everyone has access to quality medical care, is unreasonable. As a wealthy, civilized nation, we need to ensure healthcare access for all...and I have yet to hear the Republicans offer any alternatives meaning real reform.

        Meanwhile, Bonk is right. It is law. It was passed...and recently. It was upheld as Constitutional by the Supreme Court. Next. It should be implemented and then improved over time....and as needed, just like most significant and broad legislation.

    • stephentalley Sep 30, 2013 2:57 PM Flag

      Screw obamacare and all those lazy a.s.s. People who want it !! if you want it #$%$ too

    • alas, the problem with fake id posters is that they are even nuttier than they're targets. Bonk was wrong, about almost everything, but at least he was genuine. Yazoo needs to address this serious shortcoming.

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