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  • bonkthegrups bonkthegrups Oct 12, 2013 2:29 PM Flag

    For Art on SHU, and all those wearing Phil-tinted glasses

    #1 "We are in discussions, a vast number of companies on at least 3 continents have expressed interest joining our acreage following the Elk-1 discovery and flow test." - Phil Mulacek, Apr 4, 2007

    #2 "00:49:22 Prior to this well we started a selldown with strategic partners, whether that's japan, china, and we had a phenomenal amount of interest.
    00:49:30 So we put that on hold until after this well because we can't price the value until we understand the oil and the condensate. " Phil - Fast Money Transcript- Oct 2009

    #3 "we have lawyers and transaction teams working around the clock on every continent to ensure the valuable LNG transaction for all partners is secured....we're all on track to reach our transaction goals by the end of this year." - Phil - CC - Nov 2011

    #4 "As mentioned earlier, we're still working on final transactions in the $5 to $7 per Mcf range, which really puts in light the differences between where we stand today." - Phil - Nov 2011

    #5 "We are working with our advisors to finalize a strategic LNG partner, which will enhance the overall process and value for our shareholders, all of them which are accretive. This was further accelerated after the announcement of the Pacific Rubiales farm-in transaction. This helped to establish pricing benchmarks, improved our commitment to the sell-down process to the overall bidders. After this announcement, we saw significant heightened bidding by the bidders." - Phil Mulacek, May 14, 2012

    #6 "As stated before, we are now set to engage with a short list of significant industry participants in a view of concluding these discussions and entering into agreement this quarter." - Phil Mulacek, May 14, 2012

    #7 "Regarding conforming and non-conforming bids, some visit the government first. Others say they bid and they'll follow up after the final short list process, which we just reviewed with the Board of Directors this weekend and just completed with the advisors. So that process is underway." PM May 2012

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    • #13 "How long is a piece of string?" - Phil Mulacek 2013

    • Part Deux:

      #8 "On the LNG front during the quarter, we continued to have a number of approaches for more LNG off-takes by LNG consumers and LNG partnering proposals through the investment banks. Most bidders are in the final stages of due diligence, and we see the culmination of these bids during the second quarter of this year." PM - March 2012

      #9 "The PNG constitutional confusion did slow the process down over the last few months, but we saw the paralysis free up and the government sectors are now focusing on the Gulf LNG project. The Prime Minister reconfirmed his FID goal for the Gulf LNG project, and the PNG government has seen a number of interested" PM - March 2012

      #10 ""The company staff are relentlessly working on all required project aspects and parts to close and achieve FID. The sale process is in the final stages of LNG partner selection with selection expected this coming quarter." PM - March 2012

      #11 ""People worried about the writs in the election. We've never seen that that is a deterrent, in the fact of after the writs were issued, we got our NEC project agreement executed when we originally did the refinery. So I just want to put that one to bed that it's not a material on it." - PM March 2012

      #12 ""So as we state, we see that we'll be through our bid process this quarter. We think all the timings aligned on the overall project." PM - March 2012 Less

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