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  • newmexicois1 newmexicois1 Oct 14, 2013 4:07 PM Flag

    I noticed very quickly that anyone named "TARD"

    is not routing for IOC to do well. All he has ever done-is write bad things about this Inter Oil Company. Is he one of the short players? I guess he wants the stock to go down. After looking extensively at this company, it appears that they are well positioned to provide a great deal of gas and oil to Exxon. It seems that the PM of PNG needs to get this deal done soon, bc they have a large stake in IOC of maybe 50%. So why would they be against the deal if they stand to get 50% of the asset? It makes sense that the PNG government would want them succeed in this new deal. The only item of concern is that IOC has been down this road before but it has never been this involved. I do not think that the PNG people want this to FAIL. That is a great sign to me and I really do not care if this goes to $55 ( which it just may if nothing is said) The next big shoe to drop would be if the larger holders is sick of this BS and they sell. This may drive it down to $48 if just one of them sells out before year end. However they do have 3.9 Million acres of assets and I feel this is worth at least $122 to $135 per share and the price of LNG is going to go up with more countries using this as a clean way for energy.

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    • I'm hoping IOC does well. I'm down $50,000 and my wife and kids hate me

    • That's the positive attitude I love. You should not care if it goes to $55 or $45 or $35 or $25 or even to $5 as long as a great deal will come.

      Hey who knows, IF it could go to $5 then it could even triple to $15 after a deal is announced, and voila, you will eventually triple your money. Who knew, longs were right all along. Deal would come, and some longs will triple their money. Shorts win, longs win, everybody happy.


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      • 1 Reply to holywallst
      • I see your attacks are relentless on anyone is long. I thought these boards were for logical explanations or some wise insight to the buying and selling of stocks. I see that most people here really have a distaste that runs deep - although I am not sure if all these posts are from the same person. It is hard to tell. But with my computer skills I can pinpoint the source of the ISP and most come from the same area - now that is scary that one person feels so poorly about this company. Maybe their fear is imbedded from when they were violated when they were younger or maybe lost their Bar Mitzvah money with this stock in the past. Or maybe they dislike PNG bc their mom was pillaged there one time when they were young...So the stock may go down more, but when this is done IT JUST MAY go over $120 with all the assets they have at large. So hold on to your panties because investing in stocks do take time and due diligence. All I see are embarrassing statements filled with hate and ridicule that it is making me wonder why I ever tried to post here and try to make sense. What is this SHU that you all speak of? Is that a cult following that dislikes IOC or loves IOC? Please reply if you have a brain and have some decent insight instead of HATE. By the attitude of the person who wants this to go down, tell me - will you be happy that the longs lost money or that you may earn a few shekels like $1,000 or so? Just how much will you make if a deal is NOT done? Or you hate the longs so much you are happy with their demise or happy with your gain? Both is not acceptable.

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