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  • iocandme12 iocandme12 Dec 24, 2013 7:27 PM Flag

    Dont blame VS, Raise or the Mods

    Why do you guys even care ? Grow up! VS, Raise you Bertl, MSspeiks and the Mods were right. Phil had 3 years to find a deal. He never had any constructive deal. He wasted 270 million dollars from the secondary. He drilled 2 wells after the capital raise. No SM would work with him. His best effort produced EWC, FLEX, NOBLE, GUNVAR. He frittered away the moments that make up a dull day (pink Floyd). No serious bidder ever accepted GLJ estimates. GCA is the standard the total deal is based on until further delineation.

    The XOM deal stunk, MH was in scramble mode and cobbled total together...pretty obvious on the CC...he was not real versed on the critical details. Total doesn't have our back, they hosed us on their PR. Overall a reall #$%$ way to start a partnership.

    The uber losers that were loaded to the gills with jan 14 calls /leaps for 2 years, and short puts , got hammered. That old cost basis got bumped up quite a bit. I bet most are underwater. Don't blame VS or Raise. Blame MGMT for production a deal way below what they promised...blame the fat loser Ken for his drunken bi polar touts. He is now begging shareholders not to start a class action.....what a pathetic sap.

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    • they lie and distort; probably all the same guy.

      ps the deal is a good one, and time will prove so. 6-18 months.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • housethesupremesbuilt housethesupremesbuilt Dec 25, 2013 10:03 AM Flag

      he, brownstreak and getit should go to prison. getting inside information from Phil and his personal barrister, is illegal. That is insider trading. That phil set them up speaks loudly as to where his platinum parachute would come from and indeed, he bailed and left the insider traders who were fed false inside information, to die in their concrete boots.

      These circles of very, very bad ex brokers (MS) and others are out there and they are quite real. They look for youngdumbs to con and get in front of with their own personal trading,.

      Just look at ALL their trading accounts. They will be long calls, then dump them all, when YOU are waiting for this announcement or that announcement, always woven from the threads wayne and others foment.

      They are all crooks. The whole lot of them and if you believed them, YOU DESERVE WHAT YOU RECEIVED. YOU WERE WARNED Did you record it all, print it all, take it to FINRA? Good. FINRA will laugh at you. All things are as the Supremes wanted it to be. The road to hell is paved with people like these.

    • Even the so-called extremists, bonk and eric were right. bonk's analytical skills are second to none and eric was all over management's failings.

      When I first started paying attention to them in earnest, I thought they were a little extreme. On reflection over time, the realization was that they were WAY AHEAD OF THE CURVE -- and largely correct from the get-go.

      Now, granted some of all those mentioned (bonk, eric, raise, Bertl, MS, myself, and a few others) could get a little hyperbolic at times, largely for counter-punching effect on those who were obviously IOC management sycophants high on laughing gas.

      As you point out, iocandme12, one group was most accurate over time -- where we are now is proof positive.

      Yet, the cycle has begun all over again, with the pie-in-the-sky speculators pandering to sheeple investors.

      The moderates still have work to do.


      PS It is simply unbelievable that certain SHU folks are blaming IOC management for not lowering expectations on THE DEAL. If IOC had done that, we moderates would have been put out of work -- and the SHU folks wouldn't have been made to look like fools with their touting, pumping, and denigration of those who were more right than wrong. Help, IOC! Save us from ourselves!

      PPS Pay attention to the positive things bonk is saying about THE DEAL.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • housethesupremesbuilt housethesupremesbuilt Dec 25, 2013 10:05 AM Flag

        running a water park unsuccessfully got the notion into the brain that this person was *owed* something by society. You have paid dearly. His friendship with the big houses paid off. Ask a court to look into it, they will laugh at you. A senator has to have lost it all before anyone gets investigated. That is how the new elite shell works. Hold your breath, its not going to happen.

      • Yes one group was right over time it was the longs. I consider myself as a long time investor and all of the shorts from those days are gone and I'm still here with over a double. Only a few shorts remain from the 10 to 30 dollar range and if my memory serves me it was Tonka and Eric that were most negative. If I had of listened to them and sold I would have missed out on the success of the drilling program and subsequent stock price rise.
        So if you misguided shorts want to pat the backs of your heroes go ahead. I guess a broke clock is eventually right twice a day.

      • I agree with everything you say VS, I rarely visit Yahoo anymore, the likes of warrenbuffet, (ken) and the other wing and a prayer die hards offer nothing of value. I find SHU a cesspool of whining shell shocked buffoons, so I don't bother reading that anymore. Actually there is no reason to read either board. IOC will languish in the 40-60 range until drilling results come in in 12-18 months. Its derisked to a certain extent. Unfortunately the derisking range is 40-60. Clearly the upcoming cash payments next year are already factored into the PPS ( everyone knows they are coming). The IPI buyout will surly be poorly communicated and get us to that lower band of $40.

        If the drilling proves up very good results, we could see 75. if its a dud,,,40 will be the new 75. Thankfully I don't need the money now, so I will hold. In the long run,,,(7 years) IOC should generate some modest revenue (after debt service used for the 15 billion lng plant) to perhaps create a modest profit.

        But their is no reason to follow it at all until drilling results come in late 2014.

        Where is the creep Efi? Or the Savant Tusker?

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