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  • tarulestheday tarulestheday Jul 9, 2014 2:24 PM Flag

    Any Longs Wanting to Sell the Company Yet?

    The only way IOC will ever achieve fair valuation will be through buyout from a SM. Between Hession's poor PR, lack of execution, and long term monetization plan, this stock will be stuck here for many more years.

    $59, Ho Ho Ho. The arrogance on SHU given the current stock price is a stunning thing to watch.


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    • Ill take 80 now.its a pipe frwam for a company to be sold at 100 % of current value NOBODY ON EARTH WILL PAY THAT PRDMIUM. at this rate ioc wilts on the vibe ubtil production in 5 years if total clsrs

    • Tarulestheday,
      SELL IT!!! How much more positive things do we need for this stock to move in a positive direction. This week 3 for 3 in the red, after today 4 for 4. Sell it for 120 125 a share. I know it is far less then the 450 we see on SHU but I think we all know that WILL NEVER HAPPEN

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    • Anything of value has ALREADY been SOLD.

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    • tarulestheday,
      I think it would be premature to sell at this time. For me, its all about the geological model; the string of pearls as Phil referred to it. I am still in IOC and will remain in IOC until this string of pearls geology model is proven correct or incorrect? If the model is proven correct, then IOC would miss out on a lot of upside.

      While I agree with you on the lack of execution, I think that one additional discovery on one of these wells and all will be forgotten/forgiven and with the model proven, IOC will increase in value. IOC now has the money to prove up this model. I for one would like to wait and see. But that is easy for me, I'm in at $20 and $25 per share. Good luck longs.

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    • Sometimes you make me wonder. The holy grail for investors is Value = Investment(1+yield/year)^Years
      IOC will give you that and the YIELD will be 25 to 60 percent. The PNG doesn't take taxes on capital gains either. Take a million and get those types of returns??? Where??? Many investors had to wait a long time but the LNG deal did happen.

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      • "Many investors had to wait a long time but the LNG deal did happen".
        And their profits evaporated before the market even opened for trading on Dec 6.

        Wise up puddinghead; your were screaming like a stuck pig on Dec 6th and thereafter.
        Now you're preaching "soon, soon, soon", again?
        Disingenious , (sp?) on your part.

    • You are correct about this. They need to sell it. If hession is not getting things done to BOD and Chandler's liking then i suppose they will put it up for sale

    • or hit more ng, or better yet oil.

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    • Nice to have you on board.
      Like so many shorts have said longs haven't made any money and if that's the case then how is it possible that shorts have made money.

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