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  • dugfunnproductions dugfunnproductions Jul 13, 2010 4:11 PM Flag


    I would nearly bet my life that the Disney Corp. could destrooy all of Florida and the slimy sierra club wouldn't say a word. I really hope those who believe the left won't kill business are watching this, we would've hit $50 this week, instead I am pouring over thousands of non existant dollars; not because Mosaic runs a poor company, but because a liberal group can walk right in to a court room and send you and your job packing today, just to entertain themselves.

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    • Here you are again acting so superior? I believe you are assuming the judge issuing the restraining order has the final say. And please tell me how my above board, self reliant ways have in any way, contributed to the fall of the US economy. Even Obama's own debt commission has a preliminary finding that point directly at entitlement spending. Robert Gates has also stated that the pentagon buget is being degraded consistantly by the enormous discretionary spending under the entitlements. Have you read any other article, than those that support positions? And again isults? Do you really know yourself to be that correct to feel rightous in injuring another person self? I would greatly guess you don't do much outside of talk tall on the internet, I would gladly face you anytime to witness your agressive behaviors firsthand. But I dough you can lay many true accomplishments, or personal abilities out for any real challenge, so, by all means, entertain yourself, but thats probably as far as you get. And incidently, I'm still up over 20% on the years, and over 300% last year and will buy MOS down further to intersect my average, which is under fifty bucks now. I understand more of global markets, than you do the environment, I read independant publications, and hardly rely upon slanted information. And as anyone else sees your vindictive manner, you will expose your true self; mean, and disturbed.

    • The liberal left wing did not cause the financial destruction of America you twerp...its people like you and the right wing ultra capitalists who have no respect for the working class, the environment, the earth or anything in between.

      Mosaic is spinning this as a job loss issue. Thats the simple point. And the market sees through dont.

      Are you telling me that the judge's opinion in granting the restraining order has no bearing on this stock movement. Then you need to look in the mirror over and over again and question your IQ.

      I quote again-

      The environmental groups "have demonstrated a substantial likelihood of success on the merits on their claims that the Corps issued the permit in violation the Clean Water Act and National Environmental Police Act and acted in a manner that was arbitrary, capricious and contrary to law," Adams wrote in his opinion when issuing the restraining order.

      I guess in your book the judge is probably from Sausalito too and is a liberal environmentalist.

      Go do some Mensa math and leave investment analysis to someone else.

    • Who really has painted themselves as arrogant here? As I read through your attempts to diminish me, I believe you would be the self-absorbed tyro, and you've shown "no" interest in anything but your opinion. You even tried to pass around this ridiculous article, which in "no" way helped illustrate the Sierra Club's position, it seemed more intent on describing Mosaics ability to go elsewhere. Of course, we won't touch on the fact that the Jacksonville area is completely cash strapped, and those jobs, and the monies created by Mosaic there, will provide long term improvements for people, and animals alike, but you've found your personality fits that of the elitist environmentalist, and from the locale in which you live, you are somewhat insulated from the working world. But wake up, your system is the driving force behind the financial destruction of the American way, and it seems you'll aplaud it?

    • My deepest apologies on my misusage , but I was between thoughts, "You know nothing of my endeavors, or "You've no idea of my endeavors" I stopped publishing my magazine several years back, and with it, my proof reading. Intelligence is more math based anyhow, and you picked the fight here buddy. Anyone from Sausalito, will be lumped in with northern California polital leanings, regardless of their true directions. I would have to guess, your real estate value is increasingly shrinking there, even with all the money in Sausilito, I am only guessing on the spelling of your town, but am somewhat familiar, as I lived in Monterey many years back, you have to see the blight closing in each day. But the issue is still legitimacy, you are cheering the lawsuit, which portrays you an environmental zealot, vs. pro-business leanings, especially when you consider the efforts made by Mosaic in this case to avoid long term adverse effects to local environment.

    • Left wing? Not sure why you care why I am left wing or right wing or whatever wing you fancy yourself to be...

      But I initiated a net short position in this stock post the news. The key word is "net"....My IQ compared to yours is fragile at I avoid strong directional bets...and I respect the market....and I try to remain as agnostic about fragile IQ leads me to believe that stocks can be moved by a multitude of forces with just one of them being fundamental....

      So I hedge. But people with your IQ should take a directional position with margin on stocks. Because the only way you are wrong is if the President of the United States decided to use the full power of his office to get in your enlightened way.

    • So much for your IQ...a person who uses "know" in place of "no" must have an IQ exceeding 180 for sure.

    • Even if you are right you silly little egotistical twit...remember one cardinal rule in the market -

      The market can remain irrational far longer than you can remain solvent.

      But your ego will probably lead you the gutter.

      So be it.

    • arrogant little chap. I dont feel entitled to do. Read your want people to respect your IQ and the work you do and all that you are because of some nonsense you post on a message board.

      You display all the elements of a fascist racist sir. Your sense of self is amazingly inflated but you wont see it...because you are the center of the universe.

      You will lose money in Mosaic. And you will be brought down to the simple earth where you belong.

    • So you feel entitled to insult me? How Obama of you, and you listen idiot, discerning the outcome of this lawsuit is Mosaic business, you f-cking zero, all you want is those in fear of this, to bolt the position. and don't ever f-cking act like you have the right to insult me, you limited, colorless, uninventive putz.

    • Listen moron...go take your Obama bashing somewhere else...I dont care one way or the other. This is the MOS one cares whether your IQ is higher than Obamas or not.

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