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  • bjspokanimal bjspokanimal Mar 7, 2012 4:09 PM Flag

    Obama: No drilling, no pipeline, $5 gasoline

    ... the high un-employment, the capital flight, out of control entitlements??

    We've had 3 years to watch Obama make all of that worse at an accelerating rate of speed...

    ... if he's allowed to continue like this for another 4 years, how do we avoid a U.S. bankrutcy?

    Do you feel that big-government, socialist policies like Obama has been pounding out are really an answer? More entitlements like free health care, cheap mortgages and endless un-employment benefits?

    Social Security is now running deficits and is eating into the social security "trust fund", which is made up ENTIRELY of U.S. Treasuries (eg: Government IOUs)...

    ... is Obama fixing THAT social security problem with lower social security taxes?... and when he lowers social security taxes, does it help the un-employment situation when he lowers them for workers...


    EVERYTHING Obama does is wrong... EVERYTHING he proposes makes absolutely no sense at ALL.

    We're Greece, my friend... Obama is ensuring that we are Greece.

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