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  • xondox xondox Apr 15, 2009 10:46 AM Flag

    FSIN undervalued by these comparisons bad, not an aquisition

    What a BS opinion.

    Have you ever made money with any
    so called T.O. candidates?

    With MNST - loss 70%?
    With YHOO - loss 70%?
    Are you a student of the TV pinguin
    with his liar calls?

    COPPER has doubled, the stocks too,
    but FSIN until now still sideways.

    Who is selling all this copper?
    Seems to me, nobody is realizing,
    FSIN will make the money now!

    Are you all blind?
    There is an easy upside of + 50%
    short term, fu..... losers.

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    • I posted the other link to just show how good a value FSIN is. I think it will eventually go up, that is, unless something bad happens that is not expected.

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      • Agreed on valuation. I actually added a bit today, with the price around $5. Have you noticed GSI? That Chinese steel stock is on fire right now. I think FSIN will get the same response, eventually. It will also benefit from their stimulus/infrastructure plan.

        I own GSI, FSIN, BIDU: I think a "China first" strategy makes sense. I also like YZC.

      • Ive been away for a few days and it looks like my fushi hasnt done much but it certainly has dipped below 5 a few times and yep I missed it....well if it does it again tomorrow I am going to buy yet even more shares just for the simple fact that my trading stocks I think are due for a correction soon and I feel safer owning more fushi than those at this point....and yea next stop 8 is coming here at some point it looks as though an ascending flag pattern is well set up here so lets see if it follows through....low volume stocks are sometimes like watching paint dry but eventually it does dry and it usually looks pretty nice at least i can keep trading my ms and mos for some fun while i turn on the fan in here....